Let's launch Oasis on IPFS!

Hey everyone,

We built Oasis on IPFS and would like to transfer the website to a .crypto blockchain domain.

The Maker Foundation is excited about this, but wants the community to make the ultimate decision on the domain name! Here are some suggestions but feel free to drop your ideas in the comments:

  • Daicommunity.crypto
  • Makercommunity.crypto
  • Welovedai.crypto

Why is this important?

  1. Puts the DAO in charge of the Oasis App instead of any one person
  2. It would give users the ability to interact with Oasis in the case the website servers were attacked or removed by a third party
  3. It would give users the ability to interact with Oasis in the case oasis.app was seized by the domain registrar

Please let us know if you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them!


Maybe this is too obvious to be worth mentioning.


Also, I will say that this is more complex than just putting it on IPFS. If the DAO is in charge of the Oasis App that implies input into the direction, funding, development, etc.

Previously the community has not had responsibility for these things and I’m not necessarily sure that the community wants responsibility for Oasis in its current form. When Black Thursday happened, this was one of the reasons I didn’t personally feel that MKR Holders had the lions share of the responsibility. If we did take responsibility for the frontend, that would change.


In my understanding, they are simply mirroring the Oasis code (which is open source and licensed under GPL, the Oasis brand is NOT open source) on IPFS. The community would own the domain, not Oasis, as this would be an independent brand and front-end.

I could be wrong though - @MagoCrypto should specify

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Fair enough, my mistake on the Oasis brand.

I’m not sure this is something that we want. I’d love for a mirror of it to be available, but I don’t think the DAO should be taking responsibility for the mirror.

While I’m sure the community member proposing this wants to work with the DAO in doing this, it raises the interesting question of whether the DAO can actually stop someone from transferring a tokenized domain into its control :slight_smile: … beyond my technical comprehension unfortunately.

Great question. I also have no idea how this would work.

Do companies in the real world have to deal with the same issue of ‘poisoned gifts?’ Not saying that this is an example, but people must have tried to transfer ownership of stuff to companies with the intention of negatively affecting them?


Is it already taken ? Seems the more obvious to me :grin:


The community would own the domain, not Oasis, as this would be an independent brand and front-end.

Yes, this is correct.


We think it’s best to distinguish this app from the app that’s run by the Maker foundation. We want non-Oasis related branding.

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I would avoid the word community, it isn’t a forum or chat server or anything.


I realize that you are just doing IPFS for now, but can the same .crypto domain name point to Swarm too? If we need a different URL for Swarm, maybe we can reserve it now so it can be mostly the same? For example, if makerdao.crypto then also makerdao.eth ?

I Vote for Welovedai.crypto

I believe it’s time for the Community to understand that we are the DAO and we need to put the DAO in charge of many things including but not limited to the Oasis App.


I agree with welovedai.crypto +1

Also would love to not see it blocked for Venezuela :grin:


Okey, let’s not jump too fast.

I would appreciate if more information would be provided:

  • what is IPFS
  • who is ‘we’
  • what is ‘.crypto’ blockchain domain
  • how is this code deployed (who does it, who owns, how do you verify what code are you loading etc…)

I would go for makerdao.com/eth/crypto with subdomains for our differents apps.

Maybe even simply maker.com/eth/cypto if it’s not too expensive. But big question ho will manage that? A Web Domain?


I think this is a really smart idea, but is there any reason why we would want to use Unstoppable Domains .crypto domains over the Ethereum Name Service .eth domains? It seems the latter has more adoption and works natively with metamask. Regardless of the path, it think it’s important to have something like this to decentralize maker at all levels.

  • IPFS is a decentralized storage network
  • Unstoppable Domains, a domain registry that launches domains on blockchains
  • .crypto a NFT on Ethereum. It can be used to simplify payments and to launch censorship-resistant websites. The domain is on the blockchain and the content is on IPFS.
  • We developed the first version from the open-source code and we’re asking the community to take ownership to make future updates.

So, you are speaking on behalf of Unstoppable Domains.
I am just trying to understand how exactly does this work.

  • how does the browser know it has to switch to ipfs protocol (do all major browsers support it?)
  • who serves the blockchain data where the data pointing to the “ipfs naming scheme” (hash) is written
  • how browser initially finds the entity that serves this data
  • who will deploy frontend code and update the blockchain domain
  • how can we easily verify the code matches the github release (presumably tagged)
  • does that mean that MF’s Oasis website and community website won’t necessarily be in sync? Is this a problem?
  • what is the yearly cost of domain ownership

The plan is to have an alternative version of Oasis on the decentralized web using a blockchain domain and decentralised storage network.

If makerdao.com is seized or down for some reason, the subdomains would be down too. So it would be good to have an alternative version on dweb that is always accessible and managed by the community.


Glad to you like the idea! You are free to use both domain extension. We thought it would be cool to gift the Maker community a .crypto domain and it would be forever owned by them without renewal fees.

.crypto will be eventually supported by all wallets and browsers, we’re actively working on it,.

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