Leveraging Social Media + Charity Drive To Raise Profile of DAI

As has been discussed, I have several significant US-UK-Canada populated groups on FB. I was thinking about how to possibly utilize them in a way that would be helpful to Maker, and I would be interested in trying to push some kind of “donate DAI to charity” setup.

I know a few charities already accept DAI (like Save The Children). Because the IRS rules crypto as property, this means it would be a tax deductible donation for Americans, just like with dollars.

I’m still thinking through the details, but figure there could be two objectives: one is make DAI something more people in N Am and UK have heard of. The other is demonstrating a charitable, tax-deductible use case for DAI that doesn’t require bullish holders of crypto assets to sell.

Thoughts? Do we have any materials for this? What CU would I want to organize this with? Do we already have any charitable partners who emphasize DAI?



From UNICEF to Red Cross Argentina, all the major Dai donation initiative have been led by Maker’s business team so Growth Core Unit might be a natural fit.

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Let them use DAI directly as @Doo_Nam says so far it is Unicef from Argentina.

It could be massive, yes.

If there was an organization that receives BitPay technically we are there, as well as coinbase.

I think I know of one, as soon as I find it I’ll leave the link.

Maybe Mariano can help with this, it is not at all far-fetched.