Leveraging Social Media + Charity Drive To Raise Profile of DAI

As has been discussed, I have several significant US-UK-Canada populated groups on FB. I was thinking about how to possibly utilize them in a way that would be helpful to Maker, and I would be interested in trying to push some kind of “donate DAI to charity” setup.

I know a few charities already accept DAI (like Save The Children). Because the IRS rules crypto as property, this means it would be a tax deductible donation for Americans, just like with dollars.

I’m still thinking through the details, but figure there could be two objectives: one is make DAI something more people in N Am and UK have heard of. The other is demonstrating a charitable, tax-deductible use case for DAI that doesn’t require bullish holders of crypto assets to sell.

Thoughts? Do we have any materials for this? What CU would I want to organize this with? Do we already have any charitable partners who emphasize DAI?


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