[LINK] ERC20 Token Smart Contract Technical Assessment

General Information

Risk Summary

  • Does the contract implement the ERC20 token standard? Yes it does.
  • Risk analysis: LOW.

Technical Information

  • Compiler version: v0.4.16+commit.d7661dd9
  • Decimals: 18
  • Overflow checks: Yes, uses SafeMath
  • Mitigation against allowance race-condition: Yes the contract implements increaseAllowance and decreaseAllowance .
  • Upgradeable contract patterns: No.
  • Access control or restriction lists: No
  • Non-standard features and behaviors:
    • The contract implements ERC 677 transferAndCall . At first thought this does not seem like a cause for concern, but it is an external call.

Formal Verification Considerations

  • Does transfer have simple semantics? Yes
  • Does transferFrom have simple semantics? Yes
  • Can balances be arbitrarily modified by some actor? No
  • Are there any external calls? Yes, transferAndCall

Testnet Information

Audits & Related Documentation

Contract Logic Summary

This contract is a very vanilla ERC20 with the exception of transferAndCall .

Administrative Addresses


Contract Risk Summary

This is a low risk contract. All of the contract functions use industry standard function semantics and follow all of the EIP rules. The contract also uses SafeMath to make sure there is no overflow. Again, once we make sure that transferAndCall is not an issue we should be in the clear to add LINK. At this time the team cannot think of any attack vectors with transferAndCall.