Liquidation on March 13th - I have 0 DAI in my vault

Hi, after liquidation on March 13th, I have 0 DAI in my vault. What should I do?


Hi, can anyone explain to me why after the liquidation I have 0 DAI in portfolio?

This is my vault: ETH-A Vault #5589


I do not understand your question. You minted/generated dai and you are saying it magically disappeared?

I never appeared in the DAI in my portfolio after the liquidation on March 13th

  • you spent your dai
  • you got liquidated during “black thursday” event

You need to understand how collateral auctions work and how market events of March 12 affected them. You don’t get dai if you get liquidated, but you might get part of your (overcollateralized) eth. Unfortunately this happened:

Ok thanks.
if I see the defi explorer I have been liquidated “Auction finished
Sold off 37.38 ETH for 2,025.97 DAI”. But I didn’t receive DAI in my the portfolio.

Who can I contact to resolve the matter?

@angelo You had a 2984 DAI debt. So, the 2025,97 DAI recovered from the auction was used towards your DAI debt. The remaining 958 DAI debt was forgiven.