Liquidations 2.0 DEX Aggregator Integrations

Today there were times when ETH was available at the Liquidations 2.0 Portal at a lower price than DAI/ETH on 1inch. This suggests they have not integrated it as a liquidity source.

Does anyone know of any DEX aggregator integrations?
Is that something a MakerDAO Core Unit is or should be reaching out to assist with?

A CowSwap integration would be nice.

DEX aggregators might consider it a low priority, though, because liquidations are only active during very limited time periods of time.

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The integrations team at the foundation had an active conversation with 1inch and other aggregators. While we made LIQ-2.0 easy for them to use, I think the sentiment is exactly what you touched on; that liquidations are too infrequent to make this a high priority integration.


From my experience as a DEX aggregator user, Paraswap does a very good job.

It would be interesting if you can consider it, also the one from 0x but I don’t remember its name I think it was matcha.

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