Liquidations 2.0 Performance - May 19th 2021

Hey all,

Some Liquidation Stats for those interested in yesterday’s performance. Haven’t had time to recheck all the numbers again, but it should be about right.


Awesome :). Exactly what I was looking for.

First stress test passed with flying colors. I would have like to have seen a simulation of previous liquidations method.

Congrats team! Successfully managing the liquidations is quite the accomplishment.


Hello @Primoz — I heard that on Sunday May 19 around 12:30AM UTC approximately 500,095 ETH ($1,6B at 3400 ETH) were moved to Exchanges and a few hours later Whales moved 13,000+ BTC to exchanges. Does the Risk Team monitor outflows to Exchanges? Also I was reading that the overall MKT was over leveraged since February—was there a moment that we felt the same with regards to Maker in the last couple of months? I know most of the liquidations ( approximately 775,000 Traders) happened on centralized exchanges and Maker’s participation was pretty small compared to All. But wondering if your team uses tools to monitor the centralized world.