Lost coins accidentally transferring from DAO maker to DAO Badger wallet



I transferred about 3,5k (USD)worth of DAO Maker tokens 777876500000000000000 to a DAO Badger wallet (Kucoin exchange to Binance Exchange) and it did not arrive (obviously in Hindsight) .

Is there any way of recovery via ECR20 token or is it just lost forever?

Your help is appreciated.
Kind regards Rob

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You’ll need to reach out to the exchange where the funds were sent to (Binance in this case) and ask for help from customer support.

Dao maker?

Yea I think it’s a Hardware Components company called “DAO Maker”

@rootje_angringo this is the wrong community man. But ya–reach out to Binance. GL

ok thank you all for your response!

Were you able to recover your coins?