Make a Guest or Discussion Topic Recommendation

Title says it all.

Comment any guests or discussion topics you would like to see covered on the community call.

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as a topic, I’d like to see some discussion on:

Ideas about MakerDAO integrations with L2 solutions

It would be good to invite a bunch of L2-experts, together with technical members of our community, to just have a high–level discussion on what could be done in the next 6/12 months or so.

@igorbarinov , lead dev of xDAI is on this forum already.


This would be awesome to have as a panel.

Other invites might include:
@KentonPrescott, Integrations Dev
@lollike, Head of Integrations at Maker Foundation

I know they have been doing some thinking on this topic as well ;D

For now I will target March 02nd for this call. I will reach out to everyone to see if the date works.

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