MAKER CDP liquidation simulator

For anyone interested in some calculations. Just an excel file. No malware… All restrictions removed.

The BLUE numbers can be changed as you like. The RED numbers are the results of the simulation.

I produced this exercise, because i did not found anything similar on the internet. Maybe someone has some better creation then this?

Maybe the MAKER foundation?

It helped me to better understand the mechanics of CDP’s. This is a steppingstone for more creations.

Please comment, criticize and use as you like.

For it to work - iterative calculations must be enabled in the settings of MS Excel.

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Thanks for sharing this.
We are working on B.Protocol to make the liquidation process better on lending platforms, starting with MakerDao (hence helping the community of Maker to keep a more stable DAI and transfer more value to its users from the miners). Welcome to have a look, join our Discord/ Twitter. I haven’t seen a lot of discussions on #liquidation around here. tnx

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