🌎 Maker Explorer #2: Crossing the Carbon Chasm

Join us for the 2nd session of Maker Explorer!

During this session, we will host Adam Carver from Bitgreen as he shares his organization’s vision for a purpose-built blockchain to solve the world’s biggest problems: climate change, public health, wealth disparity, and others.

The need for solving climate change alone is massive: The team has a goal of bring trillions of dollars into ESG initiatives, and begin closing the $4 T deficit humanity faces to combat climate change. Having just completed raising $5m in funding, Adam joins Maker Explorer to present an overview on Bitgreen’s action plan for enabling “clean money”.

About Bitgreen

Bitgreen aims to be the leader in blockchain solutions for ESG, sustainability, and environmental impact by attacking complacency and being brave enough to thinking really big. The team is purpose built with backgrounds in crypto, venture funding, and environmentalism.

About Adam

Adam is the CEO of Bitgreen and is an experienced start-up professional with 10 years of co-founding organizations. Adam served as a director of AngelList, as well as cofounded and served as CEO of Battlestar/KeyFi prior to the organization’s acquisition by Celsius Network.

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:studio_microphone: @Juan and @Retro will be our hosts.


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Maker Explorer - Episode #02

December 8th, 2021


  • 00:00: Intro with Retro
  • 00:20: Discussion and Questions with Adam Carver
  • 1:04:22: Outro





Agenda and Preamble


  • Hello to everyone. Thank you for joining Maker Explorer #02 from MakerDAO. Today we have Adam Carver from Bitgreen discussing their team’s initiative to be the leader in the blockchain space for ESG Solutions.

Adam Carver


![Marketplace schematic](https://i.imgur.com/UgIr6Ld.png


35:00 - Juan Guillén: Is there any set of best practices or frameworks that we should be looking into and we can follow? In which way should we be framing this problem, asking the right questions, and making sure that we are not just the crypto bros trying to pump a market but instead having a meaningful long-term change? Is there a straightforward way to start in the right direction?

42:10 - Retro: You discussed creating this sideload teams that focus on that initiative. What standards would you encourage that team to have to keep in mind as they are progressing this massive goal?

45:24 - Juan Guillén: Is there such a thing as the ISO standards for anything that has to do with clean projects?

47:29 - Juan Guillén: Going back to the carbon credits, something that does not click is that it feels like rich countries would be paying poor countries to store their crap. Also, there is the enforcing factor with carbon at the end of the day. If some company or government decides to go out there and contaminate and ruin the world for everyone else, there is no clear way to tell them that they need to buy carbon credits. Because there is no law forcing them to do so.

50:36 - Frank Cruz: How will you capture the Oracle Price Feed, being that some of these carbon credit market reporting tools are stuck on Web 1.0? Also, with the narrative of forest offset credits being the most popular, are you going in that approach? How do you convince the real world companies that they need to reduce emissions and help out with this huge problem?

54:29 - Jack: Where does Bitgreen see itself fitting in within the ecosystem? Is it a case of you providing your products like the carbon credit marketplace or more of a consultancy role to help implement best practices in establishing projects for Maker?

57:19 - Lewis: How can you help financing projects instead of just helping a more liquid market of already issued carbon credits?

1:01:48 - Juan Guillén: Is there something you would like to say? Where can people find you?

Closing Comment




  • Thank you, Adam, for that excellent presentation providing great background and insight into BitGreen’s mission. The team at Maker is happy to help. As a follow-up, we will post your contact information into the forum post and a replay of the video. You will be getting a couple of pings for support over the next coming days. Thank you to everyone for joining.


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Really looking forward to this one. Strategic discussions. Perfect timing to have those in preparation for 2022. @juan and team, can we try to do a bit of a rotation in timezone alignment for these calls? I am not sure if the community realises but by default we’re excluding the whole of the developed Asia + Pacific from any calls we do as a community. Everyone is sleeping.

Not saying every call but maybe 1 out of 3 or even out of 4 should be inclusive to timezones currently essentially absent from the community.

Encouraging fresh new blood into the Maker community as a truly global project should be a strategic pillar on its own.


Thanks for the feedback, @williamr.

We’ll look into it.

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