Maker Governance Analytics Dashboard v1.5

A new update is now live for the Maker Governance Analytics Dashboard!

The dashboard can be found at



New in this version!


  • Metrics reorganised into categories.
  • New metrics
    • Top voters
    • Most voted polls
    • Uncast executives
    • MKR Activeness (30 Day Average)
    • Staked MKR Percentage
    • MKR Responsiveness (polls and votes)

Poll Details

  • Split graph “Voters vs MKR Voter Per Option”
  • Poll details list shows more relevant data.
  • Show/Hide Data Series and Rescale options graphs.
  • New metrics
    • Top voters

Executive Vote Details

  • Split graph “Number of Voters vs. Total MKR Staked”
  • Executive Vote details list shows more relevant data.
  • Address navigation (link to etherscan and clipboard icons)
  • New metric: ‘VS current hat’

Poll/Executive Lists

  • Added vertical separators to Executive Votes and Poll Lists

And probably some other things that have been forgotten.

Once again thank yous to the following:

  • Protofire for continuing to work on this dashboard. Without them, this would not exist.
  • The Maker Foundation for providing the funds for this development through the Grants Program
  • @rich.brown for initiating this project.

Repositories + Zenhub

Other Notes

  • If you identify an issue or you have a suggestion for the dashboard, you can either comment here, or post it as an issue here:
  • You’ll need a github account in order to view the zenhub. Protofire use this internally and have agreed to open it for access in the spirit of community engagement, please don’t make their lives difficult.
  • The url is currently owned by protofire on behalf of the Maker Foundation on behalf of MakerDAO.
  • If anyone is wondering why I’m making this announcement, it’s because I’ve been acting as stakeholder in the project for the last few weeks. I am planning to continue in this role for V2.
  • The governance community is welcome to have as much of a say into this project as it wants in this project going forward. Make your thoughts known in this thread, I’m happy to discuss or pass them along to whomever is appropriate.

So as a short note, some of the new metrics are slightly opaque in what they are actually showing and why they are useful. There will be help-text and explanations of these in the next version.

Can we have labels for known addresses like a16z etc. to see how they voted? I guess it’s no secret.

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