Maker Governance Analytics Dashboard v2.1

A new update is now live for the Maker Governance Analytics Dashboard! As always, if you have any comments or feedback, we would love to hear from you!

The dashboard can be found at

New in this version!

  • The poll list now lets you navigate past the first page of data.
  • Executive Metadata is now visible for older executive votes.
  • Changed MKR Participation number format on the poll list such that it shows a reasonable number of decimal places.
  • You can now link to individual metrics if you want to share them with others.
  • Significantly reduced load time for most pages.
  • No longer show invalid data while polls are loading.

Thank you to the following:

  • Protofire for their work on this dashboard.
  • The Maker Foundation for providing the funds for this development through the Grants Program
  • @rich.brown for initiating this project.


Future Work

Unfortunately, work on this dashboard has been halted indefinitely on the following grounds:

  • Ongoing cost of development.
  • Higher than expected workload for myself and Rich over the next few months due to the introduction of MIPs, collateral onboarding and the governance cycle.