Maker Governance Analytics Dashboard v2

A new update is now live for the Maker Governance Analytics Dashboard! As always, if you have any comments or feedback, we would love to hear from you!

The dashboard can be found at

New Screenshots

New in this version!

  • Voting History
    • Search voters
    • See voter’s participation on Exec votes and Polls
  • Help text for each metric,
  • Example queries on TheGraph explorer
  • Fixed MKR Responsiveness for exec votes and polls
  • Partial automation for processing new exec votes
  • Performance improvements
  • Other smaller bug fixes and improvements

Once again thank yous to the following:

  • Protofire for continuing to work on this dashboard. Without them, this would not exist.
  • The Maker Foundation for providing the funds for this development through the Grants Program
  • @rich.brown for initiating this project.

Repositories + Zenhub

Other Notes

  • If you identify an issue or you have a suggestion for the dashboard, you can either comment here, or post it as an issue here:
  • You’ll need a github account in order to view the zenhub. Protofire use this internally and have agreed to open it for access in the spirit of community engagement, please don’t make their lives difficult.
  • The url is currently owned by protofire on behalf of the Maker Foundation on behalf of MakerDAO.
  • If anyone is wondering why I’m making this announcement, it’s because I’ve been acting as stakeholder in the project for the last few weeks. I am planning to continue in this role for V2.
  • The governance community is welcome to have as much of a say into this project as it wants in this project going forward. Make your thoughts known in this thread, I’m happy to discuss or pass them along to whomever is appropriate.

Nice, but page load times are ridiculous. Recently has improved page load times a lot. Can some similar caching get implemented for the gov analytics?

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Yep, I agree completely. V3 is planned to be a polish and bugfix release, so hopefully we’ll get to resolve a lot of those sorts of issues.

If anyone has feedback for the next version, there is a good chance I can get it implemented if it’s easy to implement, so don’t hold back.


It looks great, but I agree with @Joshua_Pritikin that speed is the biggest opportunity to improve