Maker Governance Analytics Dashboard

Over the past few months, some of you may have noticed the ad in the ‘Help Wanted’ section of the forum regarding a Maker Governance Dashboard. Some of you maybe even have taken note when the status changed from ‘wanted’ to ‘taken.’

Well, without further ado, I’m happy to introduce v1 of the communities new governance analytics dashboard!

Ever wondered how much MKR is distributed across the various executive proposals? How the amount of MKR has varied within DS-Chief? The results of that specific poll that happened you-can’t-remember-when?

All these questions answered at!

On a serious note, a huge thank you to:

  • Protofire for creating this dashboard. I have found them to be very professional and easy to work with.
  • The Maker Foundation for providing the funds for this development through the Grants Program
  • @rich.brown for initiating and stake-holding much of this project.

Version 2 and Beyond

This is the first version of the governance analytics dashboard. Feedback is very much desired from any and all members of the community. If there is a metric you would like to see included, or if you have comments or suggestions regarding UX or layout, please share these in the comments below.

Protofire have been engaged to work on version 2, which will include numerous improvements and extensions to the current functionality. V2 should be complete in Q1 2020. Community feedback will be addressed with in v2 or v3 of this dashboard (depending on the extent of the feedback.)

Further notes

Repositories + Zenhub

Other Notes

  • If you identify an issue or you have a suggestion for the dashboard, you can either comment here, or post it as an issue here:
  • You’ll need a github account in order to view the zenhub. Protofire use this internally and have agreed to open it for access in the spirit of community engagement, please don’t make their lives difficult.
  • The url is currently owned by protofire on behalf of the Maker Foundation on behalf of MakerDAO.
  • If anyone is wondering why I’m making this announcement, it’s because I’ve been acting as stakeholder in the project for the last few weeks. I am planning to continue in this role for V2.
  • The governance community is welcome to have as much of a say into this project as it wants in this project going forward. Make your thoughts known in this thread, I’m happy to discuss or pass them along to whomever is appropriate.

This is really nice @LongForWisdom

I’ve been wanting to see how the votes over time look for the various exec votes for ages and now I can :slight_smile: so thanks for working on this with Protofire.

One thing I would love to see on the list of Executive Votes ( is a little marker that signifies which one is the hat, it’s always a slightly confusing thing in our own governance UI where we just show the most recent proposal and adjust it to show the hats contract.

Great job though, already looking forward to the future improvements in V2!


Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

Hmm, I think I’d prefer to see it as a separate status. Also having a status for ‘currently active’ (since the current hat maybe not be the last cast spell.)

That would give us Statuses of: Open, Passed, Hat, and Active. Active is a somewhat misleading term given the nature of the system though. And we’d need Active + Hat… On second thought perhaps an icon would maker more sense…

Hat Icon + ‘Active’ as a status for the last cast spell?


What if the hat is not (on?) an executive on the first page (10 rows by default). What do you click to find it?

Eh, i guess you just sort by mkr. Yeah, my ‘vote’ would be to have an icon.

Hello Leo/Protofire,

Under the “Polls” tab, can you please include a field for the Number of Unique Voters?
Thank you in advance.

As a quick note to everyone, the dashboard is not currently picking up the latest executive. (It uses a different contract as it is changing two parameters rather than one. This caused unforeseen problems.)

I will be working on coordinating a fix next week.

First post here.

Can we actually have units on the vertical bar side of the graphs. It may be obvious to everyone else that the MKR voted is on the right and the users on the left but I get tired of people using graphs without units labeled on various axes. Also do we really call this ‘users’ vs. ‘wallets’?

Any way to have a download .csv available on the data. It also would be nice to have links to definitions or explanations of terms. I still have to fish out what the definition of the gini coefficient is.

Right now that is the total of my comments on the dashboard at this point.


@MakerMan Great Idea!!!

It could be like the Microsoft Q&A on the Learning page.

I will not post a link to there since they are our competitor, haha but having a vote option on the side bar could be really good and easier to vote for everyone