Maker Governance Review: February 2021

The Maker Governance Review is a monthly recap of all Governance activity, from Governance blog posts and polling/voting history to Governance Cycle progress. Each review is written to keep the Maker community informed of Governance developments.

Top Governance News

In February, Governance Polls passed to onboard UniswapV2 WBTC-DAI LP, UniswapV2 LINK-ETH LP, and UNI-V2-DAI-USDC Tokens. Additionally, Community Greenlight Polls considered 12 new collateral types and greenlit 10.

February’s Governance Polls and Executive Votes

Governance Cycle Updates

Maker Improvement Proposals (MIPs)

No MIPs were formally submitted in the February Governance Cycle, but many MIPs are currently in the RFC Phase.

Collateral Onboarding Community Greenlight Polls

Community Greenlight Polls are Governance polls that are specific to gauging community sentiment for collateral onboarding. Specifically, Greenlight Polls allow MKR token holders to inform the Domain Teams (Risk, Smart Contracts, and Oracles) of their preferences for collateral types that have been proposed through Collateral Onboarding Applications. These polls run for a period of two weeks, starting the third week of the Governance Cycle. Check the progress of all proposed collateral types in the Collateral Status Index.

While Domain Teams are free to choose their workloads, it is important to gather the opinions of MKR token holders before the full domain work takes place, as a matter of efficiency.

February’s Community Greenlight Polls ended on March 1, with the following results:

Ten collateral types were considered, all of them were greenlit by the community:

The following collateral types were deferred:

What’s Ahead?

Formal submission for the March Governance Cycle begins today, March 1, and ends Wednesday, March 3 EOD UTC. You can read more about MIPs in RFC and Formal Submission for the upcoming Governance Cycle in Weekly MIPs Update #28.


To stay current on Governance, risk, and community issues, bookmark the MakerDAO Public Events Calendar. Newcomers to Maker might want to review our series of posts on the MakerDAO Governance Risk Framework.

Also, remember to review the Maker Improvement Proposals category in the Maker Forum and visit the #mips channel to discuss topics related to MIPs, the Self-Sustaining MakerDAO Initiative, and long-run Governance.

To learn more about the Governance activities that occur during the Monthly Governance Cycle, see MIP3 for a week-by-week breakdown.

For the most current MIP-related activity, see the official MIPs Github page.

About Maker Improvement Proposals

MIPs support the organic growth that further expands MakerDAO’s self-sustainability by providing the Maker community and all stakeholders with a standard approach to proposing improvements, specifications, and process and state changes to the Maker Protocol and MakerDAO.


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