Maker Relay Passes Torch

A year ago, we started this project because we knew there was a need to aggregate and simplify. There is a wealth of information swirling around the various platforms and communities that support and/or are a part of the core functions of MakerDAO. The governance communications team arose out of the Black Thursday aftermath, planning the rough edges of an organic PR squad and tackling this community-as-aggregators need. It’s been quite the year.

Since 2021 began, @david.u stepped up to lead the team into its next stage. Govcomms has become ratified on a more focused mandate.

Now that Govcomms is fully operating, and I’m a delegate, the Relay torch must pass.

Shout Outs

It’s been a hell of a ride; a considerable amount of shout-outs go to the content team, who did a significant amount of the initial work while this team incubated. Unsung heroes like @JerryAG and @seth provided numerous insights to governance communications before it became David’s team and have continued to work tirelessly on Maker Relay, molding it into a success (hopefully).

As of this afternoon, I will no longer be the single poster of our weekly Relay. There are too many topics coming up that are going to be either considered a mild conflict of interest or, worse, some sort of editorial control. And as a delegate, I don’t particularly see that as a positive for the community.

Who is our hero now?

Hopefully, all of you have seen @Artem_Gordon slaying on notes and the weekly Governance at a Glance. So, to follow the gov-comms mandate, Artem will also be publishing Maker Relay.

We’ve published the past month and a half of episodes together, so I’m pretty confident in his ability to take over the final QA and publishing to the forum.

I’ll continue to write state of dai, echoing Vishesh’s non-committal market sentiment and helping @Alec diversify the stories to tell around DAI in the world.

Onwards and upwards y’all!