Maker User Research & Community Feedback!

Hi Everyone!

I’m Jordan, I work with the Maker foundation on the design team. Something that we prioritize is getting feedback from the community and trying to understand our users.

As such, in order to better serve a wide audience, we are seeking some feedback via a brief survey. - it should not take more than 10 minutes to complete and your feedback will help to shape the future of the Maker product experience!

Thank you.



Might be little late for such remarks, but first 3 questions are horribly unclear.

“Have you ever owned DAI, but never created it through providing collateral?”

I undestand intention was to distinguist those who ever used CDP from those who owned DAI only by buying it. But what with people who did neither or did both?

this shoud be decoupled into three questions I believe

“Have You ever owned DAI?”

“Have You ever borrowed DAI (by CDP or secondary lending platform)?”

“Have You ever bought DAI?”

Correct me if I’m wrong but question
Do you currently own or have you ever bought crypto currency?

Could be simplified to:
Have you ever own cryptocurrency?

Unless You want to specifically exclude people who has been given cryptocurrency (not bought it) and had lost it

And last question
“Do you currently have DAI that you created or have you ever created DAI by depositing collateral?”

I believe is little more clear asked this way:
“Do You currently have any opened DAI loan (by CDP or secondary lending platform)?”

Hope this will help


Hi Adam - thanks for the feedback!

I will make some changes to the first couple of questions to make them more clear.

Although, we did have some constraints around language for the following reasons.

  1. The screener and real survey questions should not have the same terminology.

Will make changes now.