- Total DAI supply, ETH A listed at $15B

Hey u/Makerburn, your website is awesome. But one thing is confusing me. The Debt ceiling for ETH A listed in your Total Dai Supply pop up table is 15,000,000,000. Is this? The Global Total ceiling at the bottom is 4.6B so should this be 1.5 rather than 15?


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15B is the line but we have the Debt Ceiling Instant Access Module enabled for many vault types, including ETH-A, which allows users to permissionlessly call for a needed increase in the Debt Ceiling, up to the pre-approved maximum (line)


The current DC is 1.73B but there’s a max of 15B. Currently there can only be a DC increase of 80M (gap) every 12 hours for safety reasons. This way we don’t need constant polls to update the max debt ceiling.

Though, we could decide the ‘gap’ if there’s strong demand for ETH-A and people think the tradeoff is worth it.