Makerburn requests

Hey gang!

I’m curious what changes or additions the community would like to see for makerburn going forward. I’m not promising all suggestions here will be implemented, but I’d love to get a sense of what you all would want to see.

So please leave a comment and I’ll consider it!


Historical data! You have some graphs that are nice. Any other historical data in graph or tabular form is hard to get


Hey! Love the site.
Maybe MKR auctions as well as collateral auctions? (NB minor typo on the current auctions page: COLLTERAL)

May be not that important, but on the real time auction add the auction price failing and market price as the time.

Great work BTW!

Annual earnings per coin. As of this writing, I believe that would be approximately 96.79 DAI/MKR/year (i.e. (87,823,980 DAI annual revenue) / (907,351 MKR outstanding)).

I realize this is very similar to P/E ratio, but given our emphasis on burning, I thought EPS might be nice. “If you had one MKR, this is how much it would return per year.”

I also like earnings per coin more than P/E ratio because it removes MKR price fluctuations from the equation. Barring large increases in expenses, earnings per coin generally ought to only go up as DAI supply & revenue increase, and as we burn MKR.

A chart of earnings per coin over time might be neat, too.

Thanks for the site 🙇‍♂️


I came here to say that I love Makerburn.


how much will get liquidated on next oracles-drumbeat - something like Vaults at risk - Maker Risk Dashboard | Block Analitica

so i don’t have to open a 2nd tab :slight_smile:

PS: loving your site, thank you so much!


Current auction price during a liquidation auction.

Thank you for the great dashboard.


Thanks for making the site - it’s almost permanently open in one of my tabs.

I would be grateful if vault ID could be displayed on the liquidations page, as well as an all time tab in addition to the month, week, day ones that are already available

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Great product. I use it regularly and also as an example of what DeFi can actually do for my coworkers and friends. I would love a chart showing historical P/E over time.


I think we all love it hehe

I’d like to suggest adding Year-over-Year (YoY) & Month-over-Month (MoM) Growth rate next to the P/E ratio, that’ll help put the P/E ratio in good context - because in stock valuation, Maker’s PE is unbelievably cheap given its hyper growth rate.

The other alternative is the PEG ratio (P/E to Growth), but I think that’s less intuitive to the common folks.

Thanks again for the great work!


This’ll probably read more like a wish list but hey you asked :smiley:

  • Filters for fee generating assets vs stablecoins (risk weighted assets)
  • Filters by asset type (if I want to easily filter for all Eth vaults for example, all UNIv2 vaults, Real World Assets, etc)
  • Monthly/quarterly/annual revenue
  • Monthly/quarterly/annual net income (will need to build in expenses which will be a big project, I can help with this)
  • CET1 Ratio (Surplus Buffer as a % of Risk Weighted Assets, all assets that generate stability fees) + chart
  • More data on PSM Fees and Liquidations + charts
  • Burn data (average price all MKR was burned at)



I have a request, to have a snapshot every month of the total collateral composition and see their rate of change, so for example now that everyone is crying about USDC we can show them that 4 month ago ETH was the dominating Collateral.

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Is it possible to summarize the individual transactions on this page? For example, it would be great to see average price burned at for the current or past month.

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Makerburn works just fine. It provides the most accurate information.

Hi @makerburn,

I love your site, I visit daily and sometimes it is even constantly on.
That being said… ready for a challenge?

Your site presently contains the collateral types RWA001 (6s Capital) and RWA002 (New Silver - through Centrifuge). First of all let me tell you this list of Real World Asset collateral types is only going to grow and you might put them on a separate list sooner rather than later. Second, maybe without realizing it you have just created the Coinmarketcap of Real World Assets in crypto. You could keep adding RWAs and then you could maybe add the eventual RWAs of our dear competitors as well. This will likely create some mild irritation and spur action in the community.

Edit: can you maybe add what is done with RWAs over at Centrifuge as well? So we have NS-DROP which is the Maker part and then we have the New Silver DROP and TIN info from the Centrifuge site. Adding that info to Makerburn would make it much easier for us to see if something is out of order or mispriced. ok?


I love your website.

Is it possible to show when funds are taken from the Surplus buffer to pay core units as it ultimately delays the burner?

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Can “ATH” (All Time High) badge be added to mobile version of the website?