Makerburn updates, november 2021

Hey all!

Here’s a bunch of stuff that’s changed or added to this past month.

Debt ceilings

I’ve spent a lot of time lately trying to put more focus on debt ceilings and our tendency to hit them, stopping growth - not only through updates to makerburn, but also here on the forum (1, 2).

To that end, I’ve also created a warning on the makerburn dashboard.

A click or tap on this warning will take you to the collateral list where a “capped” filter is pre-applied to single out the relevant collateral(s).

This filter may also be applied manually, and there is an option for “maxed” collaterals as well.

There is also a warning on collateral detail pages.


And a new link to @lollike’s web app in case you want to help out and trigger a DC increase yourself. Colouration shows when this is possible or critical.

New collateralization doughnut

A new doughnut chart on the bottom of the collateral list page show how much DAI is generated from each type of collateral. ETH, for example, in this case counts the generated DAI total from ETH-A, ETH-B and ETH-C. Note that this chart has filters from the above list applied, so it won’t necessarily show data for the entire system.

Chart option for P/E estimate

Default selection also changed to profit estimate, P/E estimate (price over earnings) and fee income.

MakerDAO growth page

In case you’ve ever wondered how MakerDAO is growing but don’t want to read a chart, Makerburn’s got you covered. Only 9x growth in DAI supply this past year when the year prior it grew by 10x. Woe is us :disappointed:.

D3M support

Support for the cool new Aave Direct Depost Module (D3M) has been implemented. The “unclaimed interest” counter accrues live based on the current apy of DAI deposits on Aave.

And finally…

Introducing Makerburnbot


Makerburnbot does his best to provide Discord users with cool updates as they happen.


Right now, he will post when large mints happen, when MKR is burned or when new liquidations are triggered. A “large mint” means that the amount of DAI generated exceeds 0.05% of the total system supply (4.33M DAI at this moment when total supply is at 8.67B) or 1% of that collateral’s supply (for example 1.5M for ETH-B which is at 150M).

Do you think the bot is too spammy? Maybe it should have a lower limit of 1M for new mints? Or maybe you’d even like to see more updates? Let me know in the comments!

Other stuff

There has also been a lot of minor improvements, like a 2 year duration option for the chart, but I think this post is already long enough.

As always, if there is something you’d like to see changed or added, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you all for using the site :slight_smile:


Amazing as always! One of the few Dai trackers that’s a daily must check.

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Incredible work man.

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Absolutely killing it! I think having a lower limit of $1M on the bot would be great. I’m not sure if this would already be captured by the bot, but seeing when the first Dai is drawn from a new vault would also be super cool.


First mint of any vault type ignores the 1% lower limit :slight_smile:


I use your tool everyday to check on Maker’s progress. Really appreciate all the features and frequent improvements. Keep it up!


Awesome work as always! And love the Makerburnbot. It seems like there had been several very large single vaults that generated more than 100m DAI at once during October. Do we have any insights on the customer demography?

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mostly Nexo :slight_smile:

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Love the Revenue & Profit charts. One more plug for an “Annualized profit per coin” chart — given Makerburn’s emphasis on burning, I think it would be nice to see that number grow over time through burns as well as profit increases.

I know that “Annualized profit per coin” would be very similar to the current “Annual profit estimate”, but the latter lacks a measure of how many coins are extant.

“Annualized profit per coin” would also be related/similar to the current “P/E estimate”, but the latter includes prices swings in MKR which muddies the EPS.

Thanks again!!

Awesome! :+1: