Makerburn updates, october 2021

Hi gang!

Here’s a bunch of stuff that’s changed or added to this past month.

Stablecoin ratio

DAI from stablecoins (PSM, DAI/USDC LPs etc.) divided by DAI from non-stables (ETH, WTC, RWAs etc.). Ratio currently at ~1.35, down from a top of 1.89, means we’re moving towards most DAI being backed by non-stables once again.

Total value locked (TVL) added to main dashboard

Value calculated by using tokens locked and medianizer price meaning that there is at least some delay.

Profit estimate 24h change

Also renamed card to “anual prodfit estimate”. Imagine if this kept increasing by several percentage points daily over time.


Custom sorting of collaterals

It’s now possible to sort the collateral list by clicking on the column headers. Click twice to reverse the order.

Notification bubbles

Notification bubbles makes it easy to notice whenever there are open liquidations to keep an eye on.


Clickable protocol expenses

You can now click on Core Unit names or DAI amounts on the protocol expenses page. Click the DAI amount to view the transaction on Etherescan, or…

…click the Core Unit name to enable a filtering of that specific CU.

Makerburn Moments

Makerburn Moments is a small collection of NFTs celebrating milestones and historic events of MakerDAO as viewed through Makerburn. Have a look here.

As always, if there is something you’d like to see changed or added, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you all for using the site :slight_smile:


Thoughts on using the OSM price vs the Medianizer price for the TVL calculation?


Don’t think it matters all that much, but I had the same thought and already replaced OSM with Medianizer :+1:


Wow, I’m always blown away by the quality and attention to detail. Wen Makerburn CU?


Always like Makerburn

I was looking at the DAI supply chart, all parameters but stablecoin ratio have the unit of Billions, but the ratio is not. So it would be nice to have a y2-axis on that?

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We say in my country, that when things are done with desire and passion it shows in the result, congratulations team, very good work.

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Congratulations to all the team, you can really see the love they put in the web.

I hope to be able to buy a nft I love the moments. :eyes:

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