Makerburn updates

Hey all!

Just though I would give you all a little update on changes to Makerburn lately that you might have missed:

Chart grouping

Enables more series to be added and improves readability.

Togglers for collateral charts

Also series for price and NSP (normalized DAI supply by price)

New extended menu


The new exptended menu improves navigation and enables new pages to be added to the site, like…

New protocol expenses page

New page tracking protocol expenses broken down by core units has been added.
As a result, the protocol expenses estimate is now more accurate:


More collateral list options


More options to filter the collateral list to easily find what you’re most interested in.

Thank you all for using

If there is something you’d like to see changed or added, please don’t hesitate to reach out.



Excellent work, I especially liked the protocol expenses panel, very well done. :ok_hand:

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Always loved your work @makerburn

One thing I have been wanting to see was total DAI earned by the protocol over time as a graph. I want this number before any MKR burn, withdrawals, etc. Then if you are so inclined to the the first graph I’d love to be able to break this chart down into:

Total DAI earned
Protocol costs
Maker burned (in DAI ofc)
and anything else that pulls from the total DAI earned or adds to it (like flopping MKR after Black Thursday)

Once you have this in DAI it would be very interesting to see the expenses as a % of DAI earned and ofc a P/R and P/E chart and these revenues as a % relative to total DAI in existence.

Of note will be the hit which should be a drop in this chart due to Black Thursday and the increase in DAI due to MKR being sold. (the hit was a real DAI loss to the protocol and the MKR sold to make up for it a real DAI net in).

The whole point of the above is to track DAI income from all sources against DAI outflows to all sinks and then to look at this both from a Market cap perspective %, as well as a DAI outstanding %

I had one single question I simply couldn’t answer easily. How much DAI has the MCD protocol made since inception, and how much DAI has been spent and then to see this as something like a chart over time.

I expect the above will take some time but I think such data above has important business metrics that are very much needed when doing business analysis. This will be particularly true going forward.

Now there’s also vesting: