MakerDAO Actual Expenses vs Budget - October 2021


Please see below for the October update of the monthly Core Unit expenses, including a rough forecast for the subsequent three months.

As you can see from the below table, our expenses decreased by $1.4M month over month. After backing out the one-time $2M Dai reserve transfer to the Dai Foundation, other expenses increased by about $600K, a 43% increase over September. With the onboarding of the Deco, SAS, and Immunify Security CUs, our run-rate increases to approximately $2.4M per month by December, or $28.8M annualized. Adding in estimated annual Oracle costs of $15.6M (Q1 estimate from Nik, annualized), brings us to an annual cash burn rate of $44.4M.

Next month, I will work on adding in a table for the MKR Compensation vesting schedules so we have a better sense of all-in expenses.

Note - Oracle expenses are currently listed as cash flows


Really nice to see this Aes.

One thing that might be nice is a link to a spreadsheet so people can play with the data on their own. (I for example like to look at trends with graphs)

As to an initial breakout of CU numbers. I am curious whether we can break out contractor expenses (time in FTE) vs. all other expenses. I know Maker with exception of oracles for the most part is contractor expense dominated. Hence it might be nice to just break the manpower equation out for the monthly on CUs into FTEs billed + other expenses just so we can get a clean look at contractor costs vs. ‘other’.


Adding in some trending visualizations is a great idea - can definitely incorporate that into next month’s update as well as a shareable format.

I would really like to be able to provide more detailed expenses, including a breakout of headcount expenses vs others, but some CUs are still sharpening their accounting skills so we do not have that detail yet.