MakerDAO Finance website

Thanks to the Operation Support team, we now have a landing page to gather all financial stuff related to Maker.

The main thing the is missing to me is an investor presentation (to explain why MKR is a good investment and give them tools to understand the rest of the page) and the actuals financials statements (will be added soon).


May the eyeball gods bless you for even including a dark mode!


OS holding it down :slight_smile: Nice work all!

This is a great resource to onboard more investors.

Would it be possible to create a GitHub repo with this and allow PRs from those who might want to improve the site? People like @makerburn maybe :slight_smile:

It’s a Notion website for now so unlikely. But you can use the chat to text me. I want to keep it simple, mainly a list of links and 2-3 fancy graphs.

Exactly my intention :slight_smile: The people should know that MakerDAO is the value play of DeFi (at least I think, I might be biased).


Do you have anything specific in mind for the investor presentation? Either way, that’s something I’d like to contribute to.

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It’s actually quite easy to “fork” it (just copy it) and create something nicer. If @SebVentures likes it more, I can publish it.