MakerDAO loan interest MKR?


I came here because I was confused about the makerdao.

Some materials say that MKR is used as a fee, which I do not understand. Then, does the user have to separately purchase MKR as a fee? I wonder if they are still using that method.
In addition, I have a question on the makerburn site.

It was liquidated and I don’t know how to interpret this.

Is the borrower’s vault total assets 8.94 ETH, of which 7.11 ETH was liquidated?

Or is the vault’s total assets unknown and 8.94 ETH was auctioned off, of which only 7.11 ETH was sold?

I like Maker, but it’s too difficult. Any help would be appreciated.

This is correct.

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Then, why is it that only 80% of the liquidation has not been liquidated? Is there a limit on the maximum liquidation amount?

Liquidation auctions only sell collateral until the debt + liquidation penalty has been paid. Because the vaults are overcollateralized, usually there is remaining collateral that does not need to be sold. That is returned to the user. The collateral is not the property of Maker, and is only sold to the extent that it is needed to repay vault debt.