MakerDAO Should be Included in Conversations about DAOs

Perhaps I am just venting, but it strikes me as odd that MakerDAO would be excluded from any conversation about DAOs. Case in point, I recently came across a “DAO Summit” scheduled for next week at Stanford. There, you have representatives from Compound, Uniswap and Bankless informing the world about DAOs. From what I know from interacting with these other communities, they lack (i) independent workforces, (ii) native means to compensate DAO contributors from protocol operations (i.e., not just paying people in their governance token through grants), and (iii) a demonstrated history of self-governance, among other things, and as a result, are not as well-placed as MakerDAO to perform this educational role.

I’m unsure what CU would be the best to engage in a symposium like this, but if we can have DAO members who participate in these talks, it would behoove us to do so. Engaging with university clubs like Stanford and Harvard is a way to augment institutional knowledge and garner more credence as a “legitimate” player before prying regulatory eyes (IMO). (I threw up in my non-Ivy League mouth writing this but it’s the truth in the US, for better or worse).

Anyhow, the point of this rant is figuring out which CU would participate in a symposium like this. Gov-Alpha? SES? Marcomms (presuming it is onboarded)? Or forum rando (looking at myself in the mirror and furiously trying to contact Paper or Replenish2030)?


Heh, just hit me on R/C. I’m nearly always there. Got a lot on my plate for this coming week, but happy to engage if you make the introductions happen

Just contacted them to ask for us to have a seat at the table.

They say Amy Jung will be there as well, so she can probably talk us up.


Well, that’s not a bad start (though she left the Foundation and the DAO, I believe). It sounds like it will a solid event so it’ll be good to have our presence there.

Yeah, they replied almost immediately. Sounded like they didn’t know who to contact and didn’t really pursue it since it wasn’t easy, but maybe I’m speculating?

I told them to ping me to find someone if they find themselves in that situation again. Apparently this will be a series of summits.

On the plus side, we get a visit from the Fed on Tuesday. That seems better than chatting with other DAOs about problems no one has a solution for yet

Amy is a member of the SES Core Unit.


Don’t misunderstand, but I prefer someone from a cu rather than paper. Amy, I think would do a good job

Oh, I don’t have anything to say on their talks. Not my area. Amy I’m fairly certain is no longer with the DAO, but certainly knows tons about Maker. But she may be there in some capacity for her current project.

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Couldn’t we look for someone who has nothing to do with the foundation?

I feel that we should gradually disassociate ourselves from the foundation.

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Sorry men not hate. I only mention it because of Amy’s experience, as you say she belonged to the DAO and who better than her to provide her perspective, I think.

I really don’t want it to be like that, it should be people with experience, the foundation was a fundamental pillar for the growth of MakerDao and although it was not a complete decentralization it was the tool that brought us to this growth.

Ah, I thought she left for greener pastures. Thanks.

Actually, not knowing who to contact is a good sign of decentralization, and much better than de facto reliance on the Foundation! We should all be happy in a certain way that it has come to this.

And you’re right – conversation with Fed is light years ahead of a symposium with the same talking heads you see on every “DeFi panel”.

Anyhow, I think Amy being there will cover us from the DAO’s perspective, especially if she is working with SES (whose gov poll happens to be up, so get out there and vote!).


It’s actually pretty great that Maker wasn’t included because we’re the only group that doesn’t have a centralized entity and they didn’t know who to call.


I mean many Maker CU members speak at various events. For example, we also have some speaking at upcoming ETHCC in France (I look forward to it). Sometimes some of those events don’t invite us (forgot us or didn’t have contact or thought they had enough DeFi protocols and want to invite other fields). But that’s ok. There are plenty more that are happy to have us.

Being part of such discussion is within the Strategic Marcomms CU coverage. The scope of the unit’s work includes:

  • Identifying major events by putting together an events calendar
  • Compiling a list of speakers sourced from the community
  • Providing training if needed
  • Measuring our success for each event by the level of engagement, number of participants, and press coverage

The team looks forward to the opportunity to collaborate with the community.

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They actually reached out. SES made it clear that we only represent a decentralized part of MakerDAO, not the whole.

We’re in touch with this group, and one of the requirements is to make a donation for research and whitepapers. While SES more or less agree with the value projected to be produced, we are rallying to increase the budget for our Grants Program.

Our main point of contact for this project is @layerzero.

You’ll never be a rando to us, @Tosh9.0 . <3

Yes. She has, unfortunately, decided to move on.

And whitepapers. Yes.

Tell her to reach out. Would love to work with her again. : )

: )


Yes, I will participate in the DAO summit. Connor Spelliscy, one of the organizers, is leading the DAO research cooperative, a project for crowdsourcing legal research and investigation among diverse DeFi protocols. I find the project interesting for Maker DAO as it may help leverage scarce legal resources and tackle common challenges many DAOs are facing. Uniswap and Compound already joined and we are considering joining as well.


:frowning: We’ll do much better acting in the marketplace and talking with those actually in charge like the Fed or the public on social media than paying to be in an ivory tower roundtable of people that get excited listening to themselves.


YES! 1000% yes.