MakerDAO Should be Included in Conversations about DAOs

Oh, didn’t realize this was going to be such a thread. Sorry for being late to the party!

@Tosh9.0 perhaps these insights might be helpful to relieve your rant :slight_smile:

  • At the DAO Summit, MakerDAO was mentioned by multiple third party sources in almost every single segment - Robert Leshner gave a shoutout in his fireside chat, PlaceholderVC even said “Core Unit”. Sometimes referrals build better influence than self-promotion :wink:
  • Even if MakerDAO isn’t in the panel circuit or Twittersphere, MakerDAO is definitely recognized as a “mature” DAO. Several teams have reached out to me about transforming into a more decentralized structure for their DAO and admiration has been consistent. Teams are super curious about how MakerDAO did it at such a large scale. If someone from the DAO wants to expand on their insights about MakerDAO, I’m happy to connect teams them.
  • I agree MakerDAO should be spending just a tad bit on being part of the greater DAO discussions, but I think it’s difficult to ask the Facilitators to do talks on top of the work they already have. (I turned down speaking engagements during my time because I felt time was better spent working on things than speaking about it). The only reason I talk more now is because I have time to reflect and I think there was a lot of really great nuggets in the process + we’re just now seeing more of the outcomes rather than theorizing…and that’s the real difference between Maker and a lot of the newer DAOs. That being said, I do think it’s important to maintain some visibility - no one will see the great work that gets done here!
  • I agree with everyone’s comments that I think MakerDAO is not often invited because it’s so decentralized and doing its own thing that no one really knows who to reach out to, not because there’s intentional exclusion. That being said, I’ve also pointed people to core unit facilitators.

Disclaimer for the panel: Connor (the organizer) had connected with me regarding the research cooperative and I mentioned I was leaving Maker so I connected them to the Faciltators. :point_down:t3:

And yes, I’ve left both the Foundation and MakerDAO, miss all the brains here!


Consider my rant fully relieved. Thanks @amyjung

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