MakerDAO Updates on Substack: Snippets in your Inbox!


While Maker has a vibrant community regularly coming to the forums, some interested people (MKR holders call to vote?) are not aware of everything happening around Maker.


@anna’s G&R Snippets in your inbox! So even if you miss the G&R call, you will be able to catch up on the most critical topics happening around Governance (and all Maker).


Go to and subscribe to get the next Snippet in your inbox!

Thanks to @juanjuan for his help :slight_smile:


This is great, thank you!

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That’s a great idea @blimpa! Currently snippets cover an overview of the G&R call and team updates, I wonder if I would also be helpful to send Maker Relay via substack? It’s published the same day as Governance and weekly polls go live and can be a reminder to vote.

Thursdays: G&R Recap
Mondays: Maker Relay


Yep, I think that would be cool. The name was chosen to be general enough to accommodate pretty much anything. Tim’s the one in charge of Maker Relay, right? @twblack88

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Probably better to keep them separate so people can subscribe to one or the other and not be forced on both.

Yep, and sure let’s give substack a try. Creating a generalized publication name was smart. :wink:

Yes it’s a nice idea. And tbh I was thinking about that. People here are doing an amazing job every week to summarize things, but I think the comm behind could be improved.

I would love to see Maker Relay pushed as well 10000%