Making DAI a default stable coin on the Incognito DEX

Hey guys :wave:
I am happy to share that Incognito’s community decided to make DAI a default currency on the Incognito DEX. During the last 12 months we were balancing between (USDT, USDC, DAI) it was a must-have for the DEX to raise up, but for now when we have $13M in liquidity pools and $25M+ in trading volume we feel that we are strong enough to start the transition.

Before we start a campaign about this, I wanted to collect feedback from you guys, to understand of what is okay, and what should be improved.

Here is some more info about who we are and what we do:

  1. About pDEX
  2. Liquidity and trading data
  3. About trust-less setup

Our goal is to maintain at least $5M in DAI liquidity pool and reduce slippage for DAI <> BTC & DAI <> XMR swaps.

Find more about the new rates below.

Looking forward to your feedback :slight_smile: