Mapping MakerDAO's GitHub footprint

Mapping MakerDAO’s GitHub footprint

At SES, we’ve come across a need for increased transparency of work done, which was expressed by several stakeholders on multiple occasions. We agree that this is important for fostering a healthy functioning ecosystem and consider data-driven initiatives as the direction towards further improvements.

As part of the X-Ray project under SES, we are creating a resource that will allow the community to access KPI’s and benchmarks to assess how well Maker is operating in the aspects of Awareness, Onboarding and Retention of developer talent.

As part of the research, we are performing an analysis of the active contributors within the Maker ecosystem using GitHub contributors as a metric.

Mapping and standardising a developer work metric via different repos in collaboration with their contributors is one of the specific steps towards achieving higher transparency and establishing shared standards for the DAO.

We have built an initial analysis based on the open-source research of Electric Capital that forms the basis of their yearly developer report.

Per internal discussion, we have noted that the file is missing such orgs as ‘makerdao-dux’ which raised the question of whether additional orgs and repos may be omitted from the analysis.

Please find below the latest .toml file and provide any comments and information concerning missing entries to this data set.

We shall use this to inform our research as well as sharing with Electric Capital to ensure they are providing an accurate analysis of the Maker ecosystem in their next report.



We are still looking for information as per the above request, however we now only require the orgs that your CU may contribute to (E.g. “Makerdao”).

So far we have Makerdao / Makerdao-DUX / Makerdao-data / Makerdao-rwf.

Please provide us with any further orgs, as well as any additional specific MakerDAO related repos that may be included within external orgs (such as GitHub - nanexcool/daistats: Dai Stats).

[@vamsi, @lollike, @nadia, @marcandu, @Derek, @danik, @louismerkle, @Arieg419]

CES’ Github repos can be found in our Github org here: MakerDAO CES · GitHub

I also have a few personal ones:


Oracle Core Unit / Chronicle Labs does most of its work in chronicleprotocol · GitHub


Deco Core Unit does its work in decoprotocol GitHub.