Meet Your Delegate #7

Meet Your Delegate #7

Welcome to the (announcement for the) seventh episode of Meet Your Delegate, where MKR holders and the broader community get to know their delegates :heart:

For this episode we will have delegate candidate @JustinCase presenting their platform and holding an AMA session.

@LongForWisdom will be doing the hosting.



Meeting ID: 857 3461 9431
Passcode: 469775


Meet Your Delegate: Episode #07



General Introduction



  • Hello to everyone. Welcome to MakerDAO’s Meet Your Delegate episode #07. Today we are meeting just in case one of our hopefully newly recognized delegates.

Delegate Introduction



Core Values


Working Methods



15:31 - Someone: One of the ongoing challenges in the DAO is figuring out how to deal with things that traditional businesses enjoy. For example, a framework to get legal advice and act on that. There is much weirdness because different CUs can get different advice, which differs from the DAO getting advice as a whole. There are other examples like HR and operations in general. Coming from your background in management, have you thought of the quirks of operations and management within a DAO versus a regular organization?

20:04 - Payton Rose: You mentioned the Surplus Buffer being burning and that being important. Do you have a mental model or a way to determine what an appropriate Surplus Buffer is? Risk might say they tend to look at a percentage of non-stable assets. Others might argue for a multiple or a fraction of projected expenses. Going forward and voting on those, is there any model you are sticking to for considering the Surplus Buffer size?

25:36 - Someone: Right now, we have the trial for delegate compensation happening. Do you have specific feelings about the way delegates should or should not be compensated, as well as to what extent?

28:02 - Payton Rose: Does your pro-burn sentiment apply to MKR as well, in terms of vesting? Would you be against the protocol minting MKR for vesting purposes?

29:29 - LongForWisdom: Before we finish, are there any shoutouts you want to do? Any links to forum accounts or Discord accounts? Anything you want to share?




  • We will get you up on the UI very soon so people can start delegating. Thank you, Justin. Thank you to everyone for joining us. I will hopefully see you all at the next meeting.

Common Abbreviated Terms

DAO: Decentralized Autonomous Organinization
RWA: Real World Asset
DeFi: Decentralized Finance


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