MetaMask and L2s -- Verifying Custom Network Information

With all the discussions pertaining to Layer 2 solutions, I imagine some of our Maker Community members might be using L2s like xDAI, BSC, Polygon (formerly known as Matic), etc., and I wanted to post these quick tools and articles to help you stay safe.

The EVM Networks and their Chain ID:

Just like it’s your responsibility to verify the Ethereum addresses you transact with, it is also your responsibility to verify any custom networks you add to MetaMask.

From the ConsenSys blog: Connect Users To Layer 2 Networks With The MetaMask Custom Networks API

“Always verify–don’t trust” :slight_smile:

What are some of the precautions, or perhaps different wallets, and bridges that you are using that can help us All stay safe?


Andre Cronje making life easier. This is :fire: :fire: :fire:


This is a great find!

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Worth to mention to always verify you’re running the legitimate version of MetaMask :fox_face: :white_check_mark:
:point_right: How to Ensure You’re Running the Legitimate Version of MetaMask


Pulling the wool over your eyes:

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