MIP RFC and Formal Submission Dates

MIP RFC and Formal Submission Dates

Everyone more or less knows the formal phases a MIP goes through during its life cycle. However, how long these phases last and which are their limits seems to be impenetrable and shrouded in mystery to many.

This table aims to be of aid to MIP Authors who get dizzy trying to figure out when they should be posting their MIP so that it can make it into the next earliest Formal Submission window.

Cycle Latest RFC Submission Date Last Days for Changes Formal Submission
September August 11th August 30th - 1st September 6th - 8th
October September 8th September 27th- 29th October 4th - 6th
November October 6th October 25th - 27th November 1st - 3rd

You may find this public Google calendar with relevant dates useful. Thank you, @wouter, for the suggestion.

So, how’s this table work?

An example is worth more than a thousand words (unless the example is a thousand words). Let’s take October:

  • If a MIP enters RFC on September 8th at the latest, it will be eligible to enter FS during the FS window of October 4th, 5th, and 6th.
  • If the MIP is not submitted for FS by October 6th, it will have to wait until November’s FS window (November 1st, 2nd, and 3rd).

So helpful, thanks for putting this together @blimpa !

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Thanks! Much appreciated, @blimpa


super helpful, thank you so much :raised_hands:

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@blimpa It might be helpful to list the MIP freeze date (no material changes) for the RFC before formal submission. That appears to be one week based upon @LongForWisdom feedback.

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@blimpa - Once a Formal Submission was made, when would that MIP go for a vote?

Hello, Eithan :slight_smile:

Once submitted within the Formal Submission Window, the proposal will go up for a vote as a Ratification Poll the next Monday unless Governance Facilitators object to it, as per MIP51.

@blimpa This table is a great resource that I consult all the time. Would it be an idea:

  • To add the governance poll endings and executive voting dates as well? Even if they’re projections, this can be indicated as such. These are important deadlines or anchor points for teams and individuals who are championing their MIP. Together they give an end-to-end overview of the MIP lifecycle.

  • To create a calendar with the same info and link the public URL in the OP? Not as a replacement of the table, but to make it easy for teams to add the dates to their calendars. I created a public calendar here that I’m happy to hand over. Although it should be checked for correctness.

Another useful piece of information to add to the text is that the days mean EOD midnight in UTC. So, August 11th deadline = 11 August 23:59:59 UTC. It often matters :).

And a question: how does the year-end impact the MIP cycle? Is there a December cycle?


Great suggestions, Wouter. I’ll think a bit about how to best implement them. I might take you up on that calendar offer :slight_smile:

As for EOY, there’s no Governance Cycle in December.