MIP RFC and Formal Submission Dates

MIP RFC and Formal Submission Dates

Everyone more or less knows the formal phases a MIP goes through during its life cycle. However, how long these phases last and which are their limits seems to be impenetrable and shrouded in mystery to many.

This table aims to be of aid to MIP Authors who get dizzy trying to figure out when they should be posting their MIP so that it can make it into the next earliest Formal Submission window.

Cycle Latest start of RFC Formal Submission (last day)
May April 7th May 5th
June May 12th June 9th
July June 9th July 7th
August July 7th August 4th
September August 11th September 8th
October September 8th October 6th
November October 6th November 3rd

So, how’s this table work?

An example is worth more than a thousand words (unless the example is a thousand words). Let’s take October:

  • if a MIP enters RFC on September 8th at the latest, it will be eligible to enter FS during the FS window of October 4th, 5th, and 6th.
  • If the MIP is not submitted for FS by October 6th, it will have to wait until November’s FS window (November 1st, 2nd, and 3rd).

So helpful, thanks for putting this together @blimpa !

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Thanks! Much appreciated, @blimpa