MIP10c2-SP dYdX/Starkware Oracle Requests


  • What data should this Oracle provide?
  1. BTC/USD
  2. ETH/USD
  4. YFI/USD
  5. DOT/USD
  6. SNX/USD
  7. FIL/USD
  8. ZEC/USD
  9. UNI/USD
  10. COMP/USD
  11. AAVE/USD
  12. CRV/USD
  13. NXM/USD
  14. XRP/USD
  15. SOL/USD
  16. AVAX/USD
  17. XTZ/USD

What will this Oracle be used for?

These oracles will be used as the reference oracle by dYdX’s Layer 2 perpetual protocol built on top of Starkware.

General comments by proposer

dYdX and Starkware have already started working with the Maker Oracle Team on implementing an oracle solution using Stark Signatures. This proposal represents an overview of the initial markets dYdX aims to launch with.

Importantly, dYdX and Starkware do not require a new Ethereum contract to be created for each new price pair. Only the feeds must be updated to check and sign these new pairs. In addition, since there is no contract, no whitelisting is necessary.



  • TBD. We are not requesting any address to be whitelisted for this implementation at this time, nor do we expect to ask for any address to be whitelisted in the future as it relates to this MIP.


For each address to be whitelisted: - Is contract source code verified on etherscan?


Is Oracle data used in a permissioned manner that would prevent parasitic behavior?


Is Oracle data written to storage?


If Oracle data is stored, is it stored in a private variable?


If Oracle data is stored, is the value accessible on-chain exclusively by the protocol?



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