MIP10c9-SP10: Whitelist Yearn Finance on BTCUSD Oracle

MIP10c9-SP10: Subproposal to Whitelist Yearn Finance on BTCUSD Oracle


MIP10c9-SP#: 10
Author(s): Artem K
Type: Process Component
Date Proposed: 2020-09-16
Date Ratified:



Yearn’s core product is Vaults which allow depositing certain assets which are then delegated to Strategies which farm and recycle the rewards back into the base asset. A more complex product is Delegated Vaults which leverage a certain asset to borrow another asset and delegate it to a Vault.

We are currently building our second Maker-based vault that will leverage WBTC-A ilk in a similar manner to our yWETH vault that uses ETH-A ilk. It will maintain a Maker Vault and delegate the drawn DAI to the yearn DAI Vault. To make the strategy able to rebalance and unwind, we require access to the next OSM price.

We’ll be using a permissioned proxy contract should new strategies requiring the OSM emerge. It is controlled by yearn’s governance.

Oracle Name



yearn finance - Andre Cronje ([email protected])


yearn finance - 0x82c93333e4E295AA17a05B15092159597e823e8a - OSM


For each customer address to be whitelisted:
- Is the contract source code verified on etherscan? yes
- Is the Oracle data used in a permissioned manner that would prevent parasitic behavior? yes
- Is Oracle data written to storage? no
- If Oracle data is stored, is it stored in a private variable? not stored
- If Oracle data is stored, is the value accessible on-chain exclusively by the protocol? not stored


yearn finance - ROMP


I support this 300%

@NikKunkel can we fastrack this through signals like we did for Eth price feed?

Assuming @Oracles-Core-Unit approves (and submits the required PR), it meets the cutoff to go on-chain on Monday anyway, no fast tracking required.


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