MIP28c7-SP1: Subproposal for Operational Support Domain Facilitator Onboarding

MIP28c7-SP1: Subproposal for Operational Support Domain Facilitator Onboarding


MIP28c7-SP#: 1
Author(s): @AmyJung
Status: Request For Comments (RFC)
Date Proposed: 2020-10-07
Date Ratified: <yyyy-mm-dd>
Domain Role: Operational Support Domain Facilitator
Proposed Applicant: @AmyJung



Working behind the scenes for over a year with Rich Brown on scaling Community Development provided great insights for how MakerDAO could grow in an effective, yet decentralized manner. More recently, I’ve been working closely with LongForWisdom and other community members through working groups such as Autonomous MakerDAO and SourceCred, and Collateral Onboarding Initiatives.

The Operational Support domain is an accumulation of a lot of the work we’ve been doing in the background. Given my experience, I would primarily focus on:

  • Resourcing: Bridge and manage effective resource distribution from Maker Foundation and the Protocol.
  • People: Identify, recruit, and support individuals of diverse backgrounds in domain teams. Incubate and provide funding for smaller working group/proto-teams.
  • Onboarding Experience: Map end-to-end experience for onboarding domain members, including providing operational support for initial team setup.
  • Bounties and Grants: Produce and manage additional incentives to promote further growth of important initiatives and provide a path to contributing to a domain.


  • Currently Head of Community Development at Maker Foundation as recommended by Rich Brown
  • MakerDAO Community Development contributor since July 2019 for Program Operations & Strategy
  • Active in Ethereum since 2017, and worked as Design Operations Lead at ConsenSys and incentivized testnet launch at cLabs (Celo)
  • Previous work as a consultant to early stage startups (Program Director at a retail and CPG accelerator), and program development for universities (Columbia, Fordham).

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