MIP28c7-SP1: Subproposal for Operational Support Domain Facilitator Onboarding

MIP28c7-SP1: Subproposal for Operational Support Domain Facilitator Onboarding


MIP28c7-SP#: 1
Author(s): @AmyJung
Status: Formal Submission (FS)
Date Proposed: 2020-10-07
Date Ratified: <yyyy-mm-dd>
Domain Role: Operational Support Domain Facilitator
Proposed Applicant: @AmyJung



Working behind the scenes for over a year with Rich Brown on scaling Community Development provided great insights for how MakerDAO could grow in an effective, yet decentralized manner. More recently, Iā€™ve been working closely with LongForWisdom and other community members through working groups such as Autonomous MakerDAO and SourceCred, and Collateral Onboarding Initiatives.

The Operational Support domain is an accumulation of a lot of the work weā€™ve been doing in the background. Given my experience, I would primarily focus on:

  • Resourcing: Bridge and manage effective resource distribution from Maker Foundation and the Protocol.
  • People: Identify, recruit, and support individuals of diverse backgrounds in domain teams. Incubate and provide funding for smaller working group/proto-teams.
  • Onboarding Experience: Map end-to-end experience for onboarding domain members, including providing operational support for initial team setup.
  • Bounties and Grants: Produce and manage additional incentives to promote further growth of important initiatives and provide a path to contributing to a domain.


  • Currently Head of Community Development at Maker Foundation as recommended by Rich Brown
  • MakerDAO Community Development contributor since July 2019 for Program Operations & Strategy
  • Active in Ethereum since 2017, and worked as Design Operations Lead at ConsenSys and incentivized testnet launch at cLabs (Celo)
  • Previous work as a consultant to early stage startups (Program Director at a retail and CPG accelerator), and program development for universities (Columbia, Fordham).

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