MIP28c7-SP2: Subproposal for Operational Support Domain Facilitator Onboarding

MIP28c7-SP2: Subproposal for Operational Support Domain Facilitator Onboarding


MIP28c7-SP#: 2
Author(s): @juanjuan
Status: Formal Submission
Date Proposed: 2020-11-24
Date Ratified: <yyyy-mm-dd>
Domain Role: Operational Support Domain Facilitator
Proposed Applicant: @juanjuan



I’ve been helping different people across teams for some time now, learning as much as I could, and stepping up when I thought it was appropriate.

Internally, I’ve been working with Amy Jung, LongForWisdom, and the Mandated Actors, and I believe that I would complement their skillset to achieve scale and decentralization.

The Operational Support domain is an accumulation of a lot of the work we’ve been doing in the background. Given my experience, I would primarily* focus on:

  • People: help the different teams to translate strategy into the needed skills, profiling, budgeting, and recruiting strategy. Onboarding, training, and scaling of the teams (knowledge transfer).
  • Financial and Operational Health: financial models / KPIs, compensation improvement + tracking, operational performance; assist with decentralization.
  • Product Growth: customer(s) journey definition, acquisition, onboarding and feedback loops, metrics / KPIs, product development, assist with integrations and partnerships (if applicable)

*I’m expecting these to shift as the DAO evolves, but Collateral Onboarding is the main objective for the foreseeable future.


  • 7+ years in Fintech (3+ in FX; 2+ in Assets Management)
  • Studied Finance, IT, and Entrepreneurship.
  • Product + Project Management 5+ years
  • Operations + Financial Transformation Manager
  • Comm-Dev team: helping set up and grow a translations team, a bunch of CDIPs and the already existing Governance Summary team.
  • Collateral onboarding
    • helped put together the Collateral Onbarding Framework Model
    • hosted numerous calls with the community and invited various projects of the wider crypto-community (Aave, Curve, Uniswap, 1inch, Balancer, GUSD, TUSD, etc)
    • hosted calls with the RWA team and several projects: 6s Capital, New Silver, ConsolFreight, (Paperchain + RealT on the way)
  • Once I did a diagram
  • Writer of a (blog?) where I explain/categorize blockchain projects

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Great to see this!


I :heavy_plus_sign: for @juanjuan


Really excited for @juanjuan to join this domain. He’s been crucial to sharing great insights and driving projects, especially with collateral onboarding!


Absolutely support this one! Quality and professionalism of some of those initiatives have skyrocketed since Juan started participating :+1:


+111 def in support

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I’m changing the status to Formal Submission.


This MIP was accepted 01/28/21 with the January MIPs bundle.