MIP39c2-SP11: Strategic Happiness Core Unit

Note: Updated August 11, 2021 (39)


I’m 100% in favor of this CU & facilitator. Glad to see this going forward, Andrew :slight_smile:


Great post Andrew!

This is definitely something that Maker needs! Community awareness and spreading merch to our community will both show the good will of the DAO and it will encourage the community to spread even more positive messages to the wider crypto community (or spread your amazing shitposts)

Your posts are top quality and ease the tension of this blessing and curse of this cryptocoaster. I’m glad to share this ride with you.

100% supportive of this. Godspeed Saint Burban.

Also… 0 DAI salary? How could Maker not approve this. Think of the ROI!
You should be compensated somewhat for your amazing shitposts. I would think the more popular ones or the popular merch should definitely become an NFT.