MIP39c2-SP14: Add Strategic Marcomms Core Unit

MIP39c2-SP14: Add Strategic Marcomms Core Unit


MIP39c2-SP#: 14
Contributors: @HBJ, @AdrienDLT, Francesco Alberti, Kaori Sato, @Sahabia, Jose Vicente
Status: Request For Comment
Date Applied: 2021-06-8
Date Ratified: <yyyy-mm-dd>

Sentence Summary

MIP39c2-SPX adds Core Unit CPM-001


As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, a list of documents related to this proposal are available for viewing and commenting in this public folder.


MakerDAO has entered its next stage of growth. In six months, DAI circulation has more than quadrupled to 4.7 billion from 1 billion in November 2020. The surge takes place as the stablecoin market expanded exponentially in the past year.

Given the pace of growth in the current market environment, the unit believes it is a crucial time for MakerDAO to increase marketing initiatives to drive growth, maintain thought leadership, and gain market share.

Core Unit Name

Strategic Marcomms Core Unit

Core Unit Mandate

Strong brand strategy and consistency can create immense value for MakerDAO and its ecosystem. The team seeks to increase the visibility of MakerDAO and strengthen its reputation by strategizing, collaborating and coordinating marketing and PR efforts with other core units. In addition, the Strategic Marcomms assumes the responsibility of managing risks associated with MakerDAO’s brand reputation, brand assets (such as the homepage and the official blog), by working with technical operations. The unit has the following mandates:

  • Boost brand recognition and gain reputation by utilizing owned, shared, and earned media, including pitching and arranging media interviews with MakerDAO facilitators and relevant contributors
  • Promote Dai adoption by highlighting its benefits through educational content, case studies, workshops, events, and advertising placement
  • Increase the visibility of MakerDAO by planning and executing marketing programs, campaigns and community activities
  • Collaborate with other units to achieve objectives identified for MakerDAO
  • Strategize and coordinate marketing efforts with other core units to ensure the DAO has a cohesive marketing approach, brand voice and messaging.
  • Inherit and manage all brand assets & owned channels, including MakerDAO’s homepage, official blog, and social media accounts: Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and Telegram.
  • Act as PR gatekeeper to filter, coordinate and manage all PR and media requests and activities to protect MakerDAO brand reputation and grow its thought leadership through quality press publications and platforms.
  • Facilitate the use of MakerDAO’s brand assets, such as the official blog, and protect them from any potential security issues by working with techops.
  • Adapt and modify strategy as needed (research, market testing, localization, legal climate change, etc.)

Strategic Marcomms has the following functions:

Target audience

  • Key decision makers & thought leaders in TradFi, Fintechs, regulators, governments, NGOs, VCs, enterprise companies, media, and tertiary institutions
  • Unbanked & underbanked in developing (high growth) markets seeking to access financial services or/and hedge against inflation
  • DeFi enthusiasts, crypto users, and retail investors


The Strategic Marcomms Core Unit has synthesized the marketing approach into 3 key strategies to elevate MakerDAO and win.

Strategy 1 - Elevate:

An always-on marketing approach is required to increase brand awareness, and drive top-of-mind brand recall.

The unit plans to execute the plan through leveraging the following:

  • Paid media (paid search, digital advertising, high impact out-of-home media, social media ads, etc.)
  • Events (keynote speakers, event sponsorships)
  • PR (earned media from reputable global and regional press)
  • Industry reports and MakerDAO owned channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Website, Blog, etc.)

Strategy 2 - Boost:

This strategy looks to highlight and emphasize the ubiquitous effect of the Maker protocol and DAI.

It is done through marketing (including PR amplification) of existing and new use cases and deals in different industries. The team will also look for co-marketing opportunities to create initiatives and programs to demonstrate further DAI adoption and influence across sectors (like Universities, NGOs, Enterprises, SMEs, Governments, Developers, Financial Institutions, fintech, exchanges, investors, e-sports, etc.). The unit will utilize an ambassador program to build engagement and drive relevant local opportunities at appropriate moments/events.

Strategy 3 - Dominate:

These are high-impact initiatives and programs designed to showcase leadership and innovations which generate maximum engagement, word of mouth, and conversation.

The outcome of these initiatives is intended to be newsworthy, disruptive, and ambitious due to MakerDAO and DAI. For instance, it could be:

  • A grant to grow the next generation of DeFi coders powered by MakerDAO
  • Sponsoring a good lower division league sports team and support/bring the team to the championship
  • Collaborate with Shark Tank to create a Shark Tank DAI edition
  • Uplift a population of underbanked & unbanked residents of a town with DAI

Regardless of the initiatives, a longer planning cycle and separate budgeting will need to be set up for maximum success, impact, and traction.

Transparency and Accountability

  1. Transparency - Related documents and up-to-date reports are made available to ensure transparency.
  2. OKRs - The team will adopt Objective Key Results (OKRs) to manage priorities and deliverables. The team will set annual and quarter objectives and key results needed to achieve such objectives. Each contributor then will set their own key results based on the OKRs set by the team.
  3. Weekly Update - Update the community on our progress weekly.

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We appreciate the community members who have given us feedback. We look forward to sharing with you our plan tomorrow during the Core Unit Launch Pod Session.
Thank you @ElProgreso @mkrorbkr @Tosh9.0 @prose11 @Davidutro @seth @PaperImperium @juanjuan @wouter @Nadia @g_dip @SebVentures @AstronautThis


Here’s our presentation on MakerDAO’s brand values and our strategy.