MIP39c2-SP15: Adding AmaZix Marketing Core Unit, AMZX-001

And good luck to your company moving forwards too.

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Thank goodness.


I reached out to Amazix independently, and they confirmed this application is from them.

I agree it wasn’t well researched before applying, but we shouldn’t use the forum to troll them.


I agree with @PaperImperium. This isn’t who we are and it doesn’t reflect positively on us.


We encourage voices on the forum regardless of their level of MKR holdings. This is part of what it means to be a decentralized project. Those with less capital and exposure can and do have valuable opinions.

Probably not a necessary post @ejbarraza.

@Deimos I agree that your last post was inappropriate. I appreciate the zeal, but the others are right, that sort of response does not reflect well on us.


sorry about that

it didn’t come from a bad intention

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AmaZix has received a lot of feedback regarding our Marketing Core Unit proposal submitted on June 9th. While we have engaged in discussion about some of these items, we have taken all of this feedback seriously and are in the process of making significant modifications to our original proposal. We expect to release that proposal early next week. But we want to take this opportunity to provide a preview of some of the enhancements you will see soon.

Instead of focusing on historic accomplishments, our revised proposal will focus more on the future of MakerDAO and DAI and its strategic objectives:

  1. Increase awareness of DAI in the broad market beyond the Cryptocurrency community
  2. Educate the broad market on the merits of cryptocurrency and stablecoin
  3. Convince the broad market that DAI and its DAO structure are the logical choices for strategic financial success

We will begin with a detailed discovery process. During this process, we will meet with MakerDAO members, the cryptocurrency community, and various financial markets. We will assemble all of the collective insights into a detailed plan. We anticipate that the plan will include guidance on market segmentation, messaging, branding, customer acquisition, influencer marketing, and more, but will need to wait until the completion of the discovery process to finalize these plans.

We plan to target the following primary communities:

  • Users who want to conduct local and global financial transactions with speed, flexibility and security while leveraging a currency with solid stability.
  • Developers who want to leverage a global network for rapid and secure execution of emerging digital instruments like smart contracts.

Much of this work will be based on the unique advantages of DAI. We will explain how the DAO’s unique combination of privacy and transparency makes it the best platform for financial transactions in an increasingly connected and insecure world.

Bringing DAI to the general population will be as revolutionary as the establishment of central banks and commercial clearing houses. We look forward to working with MakerDAO to add DAI to this history of critical financial infrastructure advances.


Dear all,
we would like to spend few words regarding AML provisions in a decentralized context.

Who’s writing had the chance to work in DAO and blockchain since 2012. We personally followed THE DAO case and the mayhem originated by “The Attacker” and the ensuing Ethereum hard fork.

As probably already highlighted in this chat and well known, the whole architecture of decentralized organization and cryptocurrencies is intended to remove middle man and make transactions permissionless.

Governments are inherently opposite to that, they are centralized and permissioned. Therefore, decentralized cryptocurrencies are fundamentally incompatible with traditional financial system which is full of middle men and regulations (i.e. permissions).

This create short circuit with current regulation on AML and Privacy (GDPR).

Who is the client to be identified in accordance with AML provisions?

Who is the controller of personal data?

Even if for you these questions could be considered silly in a DAO context, for player like Amazix (which is a registered company tied to specific rules including KYC provisions) this is an issue.

There are various papers and talks ongoing since 2018/2019 on how you correctly identify your client if this client is a decentralized organization and how you manage AML and GDPR rules in this context.

European Data Protection Board promised to issue clarifications on data controller in a decentralized context and we are expecting an answer within 2021.

We sincerely doubt that we will see a clear answer within this year and this for one simple reason: decentralised organizational, on one hand, and AML and Gdpr, on the other hand, live in parallel worlds

Having said that, Amazix is a centralized entity and we have to respect AML and GDPR regulation otherwise we are subject to fines.

We will be happy to support MakerDAO first of all because we believe in the DAO revolution.

We cannot do this revolution launching molotov to the system otherwise we will be blocked immediately without possibility to grow.

Now: the global regulatory environment has become increasingly stringent towards Crypto. We understand that while it’s imperative to comply with KYC/AML regulations, it’s of equal importance that decentralized authority is sustained.

Therefore, we are currently analysing the available options in order to comply with AML and Gdpr rules while being consistent with a DAO structure and functioning.

Legal Advisory Division


This is a quite well written update and seems like you personally genuinely feel passionate about DeFi. Look forward to see more details.


Dear Community,

As mentioned previously, the AmaZix team has revamped our proposal based on the valuable feedback given in this forum.

We have provided clear objectives and solutions based around positioning MakerDAO as the premier choice for distributed ledger financial services, DeFi, and wealth transfer.

This updated proposal can be found by visiting this link.

We hope that you find this proposal more aligned with your goals and we’re looking forward to meeting you all on our community call this week.

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We would like to move this MIP to Formal Submission.

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Hi all. Thank you for this application. I’m going through some of the due diligence process rather later than I’d prefer, but it’s been pretty busy lately. In the interests of saving some time and landing on the correct answers, is there any chance y’all could help me out with a few things? Thank you in advance – I’ve still got quite a bit to do and tidying up these minor bits will save me some time.

I cannot seem to find much on BitCover, and it appears to be defunct since 2018 judging from the social media for it and that the home page for it does not load for me. Do you have someone I can contact to confirm Mr. Leong is the CMO of this company?

Is this actually in reference to Mr. Wong’s position at Queens University where he is on the marketing faculty? I have searched the course offerings at University of Alberta as far back as the 2009 Winter Term and can only find Mr. Wong teaching computer science courses. I assume the marketing courses were meant to be included in the previous sentence, but wanted to clarify.

Who can I reach out to in order to confirm Mr. Greenberg is still serving on the board of directors at Hiperwall? I cannot find a list of directors (it is a private company, so no surprise there), but know that Mr. Greenberg left the CEO position a number of years ago and would like to confirm he is still currently involved as a director.

Is there a quick way I can confirm these? I see reference to Mr. Greenberg being an EiR from at least 2010 to 2017, but have not been able to confirm this is a current relationship with UC-Irvine. Also, with Cal State Fullterton, I can find references to Mr. Greenberg being a sponsor of an incubator there in 2019 – is that the same thing as Entrepreneurship Ambassador?

You may want to retire this graphic from your application. It lists Amazix as a client, as well as 3 companies where Mr. Leong was/is a corporate officer (former CEO of s4fechain, current CMO of OTC Trade, former/current CMO of BitCover). Also, OIO Holdings and Moonstake are the same company.

On a final note, do you have any customer references that I or others could directly contact?



I still sit on the Board for Hiperwall and retain a significant percentage of ownership. You can look up the current officers by doing a company search with the California Secretary of State. Then call the company and ask for one of the officers to get verification.

I am still an Entrepreneurship Ambassador for Cal State Fullerton. John Jackson is the Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship. You can contact him for verification. Center for Entrepreneurship

I am still an Entrepreneur in Residence at UCI. 2 weeks ago they hired me to teach Innovation and Creativity. This is a new position, so there is no public information available yet.

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Thank you!


Ser, can you give us a cost breakdown of how much it cost Bancor to get 11,504 TG Users? Not trying to downplay your accomplishments here, but I’ve seen Anon protocols quadruple that amount without any marketing. Just saying.

Also, why is there so much infatuation with social media? We are seeing FTX putting on a clinic on how to get free marketing without the need to write a check to Facebook ads. Y’all have anything innovative? Ground breaking? you know, something exciting… please let us know.

@MIP-Editors found a handful of inconsistencies with the mandate’s format.

We fixed these on behalf of your team, not altering any of the text or logic of your proposal;


- Missing ##Specification header
- ### Motivation is in the wrong place and header size
- "Paragraph Summary" appears to be the Core Unit's "Mandate", and it's in the wrong place.
- Missing Core Unit Name and ID sections.

other concern:

  • component summary is being used incorrectly. In the context of a MIP, the component summary section should list the components and a short description of each. See an example here.

The component summary section thing is the only thing I left since I’m not sure where that text would otherwise belong.


Thanks @PaperImperium. I am removing S4FE and Amazix and will update (this is an old graphic). BitCover was a former client (this is a list of former and current clients). I resigned from BitCover after discovering their premium pool would require 40% commissions from the insured, making the project without a significant market, thus I cannot provide a reference here. The company after my resignation pivoted to providing structured products for the blockchain but was unsuccessful. They are defunct. OTC Trade - I am still listed as CMO on the website. (Company | OTC Trade) the company is reorganizing and moving forward. As for Moonstake and OIO Holdings, they were separate companies during my engagement with both firms. Moonstake acquired OIO after I left OIO. OIO had lost Moonstake as its client at the time upon my departure, but was later acquired through a brokered deal with QRC HK Limited and Infinito.

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This week, we worked with Universal Music Group to launch its first drop of NFTs. Often groundbreaking requires significant resources and a sizeable marketing budget to have a major impact. So, it depends on what you define as groundbreaking. Our team members have launched in its past, IBM’s “e-business campaign” globally, Sony’s HDTV platform worldwide, Apple’s MacOS8, Adobe’s Postscript 3, Microsoft’s WebTV relaunch, Siemen’s global business impact project based on the Kyoto Accord, etc., and again, requires resources/brand capital to be groundbreaking at this level. Perhaps it is not fair to compare these F500 successes. Bancor with a $153 million raise, was the second-largest crowdfunding event ever, after TheDAO. So not the largest, but one that is now in the history books. Viral campaigns work as well (guerilla marketing) and those ideas come through a lot of innovative, creative thinking based on messaging. Bancor is a significant result based on our limited work and budget with them. We are a small, focused boutique agency.

Dear MakerDao,

Thanks for our talks over the last weeks. It has been interesting to say the least.

We wish you the best.



And you. Thank you for bearing with us. DAOs are notoriously neurotic, and while I don’t think this was the right offer for us at this time, I wish you luck, and perhaps in the future we will find an opportunity to work together.

Best wishes.