MIP39c2-SP5: Content Production Core Unit, MKT-001

MIP39c2-SP5: Content Production Core Unit, MKT-001


MIP39c2-SP#: 5
Author(s): Seth Goldfarb
Contributors: Jerry Goldfarb, Tom DeMichele
Status: RFC
Date Applied: 2021-03-03
Date Ratified: <yyyy-mm-dd>



MakerDAO needs a Core Unit responsible for the content produced by the DAO.

A content-focused Core Unit will enable other Core Units and the DAO itself to engage in Content Marketing. Content Marketing is about telling stories that encourage stakeholders to act in ways that support the goals of a person or organization.

The Maker ecosystem is full of stories that deserve to be told and by providing interested audiences with educational and entertaining stories, the Content Production Core Unit will provide an ongoing stream of opportunities for people to engage with MakerDAO.

Core Unit Name

  • Content Production Core Unit

Core Unit Facilitator/s

Seth Goldfarb

Core Unit Mandate

The Content Production core unit will be responsible for creating, and supporting the creation of written, audio, and visual content that educates audiences on MakerDAO, promotes the work and culture of the ecosystem, and encourages people to use Dai and the Maker Protocol.

The goals of the Content Production core unit will be to:

  • Enhance MakerDAO’s position as a reputable authority on topics like decentralized governance, token engineering, and DeFi.
  • Produce entertaining and educational content that promotes engagement with Dai and the Maker Protocol.
  • Produce promotional content for other Core Units and provide resources to educate the ecosystem on best practices in content production and distribution.


The primary focus of our first three months will be to

During this period, team members will continue lending support to projects like:

Month 1: Setup and Coordinate

  • Incorporate and set up administrative operations (payroll, etc.)
  • Implement a Request For Content (RFC) process
  • Work with the Legal Core Unit to determine legal limitations on content and needs with regard to IP (copyright/trademark/TOS).
  • Work with other Core Units to surface content-related needs and coordinate the management of MakerDAO’s digital properties, including, but not limited to:

Month 2: Strategize, Execute, and Renew

  • Develop a content strategy based on organizational goals, define KPIs to measure the effectiveness of our efforts, and determine staffing needs
  • Hire content creators and onboard them with Opolis
  • Start producing and distributing content
  • Report on our progress and submit a budget proposal to continue our work

Month 3: Produce, Report, and Renew

  • Provide feedback to RFC on the budget proposal
  • Continue producing content and reporting results

Team Structure

This unit will consist of a small team capable of facilitating the production of written, audio, and video content as well as infographics in collaboration with the Design Core Unit.

Accountability will be demonstrated through regular updates on goals and KPIs.

Title Commitment Name
Facilitator / Content Full-time Seth Goldfarb
Audio Engineer / Podcast Producer Full-time Jerry Goldfarb
SEO & Writer Part-time Tom DeMichele
Video Production Full-time TBD
2x Writers Full-time TBD

Legal Structure

  • Delaware-based S-Corp
  • Contributors will be employees unless they prefer to freelance.
  • Payments not yet decided. Considering Opolis or the Keg

Team Credentials

Members of this team bring expertise in content marketing and production, audio engineering, and SEO.

Seth Goldfarb is a Content Marketing professional who’s spent the last four years helping industry leaders tell better stories about the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Jerry Goldfarb brings over eight years of experience as an Audio Production Specialist and five years of project management experience, led the production of pilot episodes for the audio version of Maker Relay, and has produced content for GovComms, the Forum Badges team, and CommDev.

Tom DeMichele is a Content Marketing veteran who specializes in SEO with over ten years of experience and has been a Managing Partner at Alexander Benjamin Consulting for the past seven years.

You can see this team’s work for MakerDAO in:

Budget proposal
Facilitator Onboarding proposal


Hi seth, do you guys gonna have the keys of the Maker official channels or just going to help/create content for them?

Also if a Core Unit needs something like a video about Dai minting (just an example), how fast you guys can act, based on difficulty and slack for the video (in this example)?


I have some for you right away: a Youtube video explaining how Maker can have the highest profit and the lowest evaluation in defi.

Also - muscle flexing vids on PSM, Keg, Optimism Dai Bridge and Liq. 2.0. You can make the one on Liq 2.0 in advance but wait with the upload until the system is proof tested by a severe market downturn for maximum effect. Tell everyone and their mother how much profit we are making - we seriously need to pump harder.

NB. Please be aware of and take into account that content production like this is usually not Core in normal companies. These are services that are hired when needed. I see you have already taken the step (good) to setup as a Delaware company, which over the next couple of years could allow you to transition out to be a defi content specialist company not relying entirely on Maker.

I fully support your effort and wish you the best.


We would like to hold the keys to some of the channels and at least have access to some that will live with other Core Units. We’ve started trying to map these for all Core Units in the graphic linked in this post.

As far as your question about the turnaround time on videos, it’s hard to say with certainty because hiring someone to handle video production is one of our initial priorities. If I had to estimate, I would expect a 1-2 week turnaround on a simple educational video.

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Noted! Thanks for the ideas, I’ll definitely explore them further.

Thanks for the reply, just saw the figma and looks nice and simple. The video was just an example but yeah the times makes sense. You guys seem pretty important in order to reach people and integrations for the Protocol, again thank you for your time !

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Thanks to everyone who attended the Core Unit Pod Session and provided feedback!

After considering the responses, we’re making minor changes to the budget and want to clarify our response to some of the questions that came up.

Why aren’t we committing to more content up-front?

Our main concern about committing to publishing content too soon is due to our lack of clarity around what we need to consider to make sure we’re not characterizing MakerDAO in ways that are legally problematic.

I’ve raised this concern with @layerzero, who’s working on a proposal for a Legal Core Unit and am prepared to get the answers we need from outside council if this is an issue the team isn’t able to address.

What content will we be publishing from day 1?

As long as there aren’t any major concerns, we plan to continue contributing to the written version of Maker Relay, developing the audio version Jerry created a pilot for through CommDev, and publishing content in the (soon to be public) Community Blog, including profiles for the Humans of MakerDAO series.

Does our budget allocate enough money for salaries?

I made a mistake in saying our budget considered salaries for the Video Lead and Writers for two months - the budget we’ve proposed only covers them for the final month but I do think it’s better to start that process sooner rather than later so we’ve increased our budget.

We’re happy to address any other concerns and are looking forward to Formal Submission!

Moved to Formal Submission along with our budget and facilitator onboarding proposals.