MIP39c2-SP9: Strategic Marcomms Core Unit


MIP39c2-SP: 9
Author: Kathleen Chu 
Contributors: Sahabia Yakubu, Kaori Sato, Francesco Alberti 
Status: Rejected
Date Applied: 2021-03-25
Date Ratified: <yyyy-mm-dd>



The MakerDAO community is energetic and highly engaged, thanks to the core community’s concerted efforts and initiatives. The unit recognizes that reaching new audiences and users is vital for Dai’s mass adoption. Based on that conclusion, the unit is formed to be dedicated to outreach.

We are proposing this unit to the DAO because it delivers the following:

  • A clear, consistent, and coordinated communication across key channels
  • A cohesive global branding with a strong focus on marketing strategy tailored for targeted key markets that match the needs suitable for each stage of growth in Dai awareness and adoption

The core unit identifies targeted audiences and helps them learn about MakerDAO as it enters the next growth phase. The team builds on the recognition MakerDAO has gained in the cryptocurrency space and expands into the mainstream.

  • The unit will increase general awareness of MakerDAO and focus on Dai adoption by creating specific marketing initiatives for each targeted market.

  • The marketing activities will also be designed based on the needs of other units at MakerDAO to achieve our organizational objectives.

  • The strategic communications portion protects the credibility of MakerDAO by providing an accurate understanding of MakerDAO and clear and consistent messaging.

  • The unit highlights milestones and provides information in a language that anyone can understand.

As the Maker Foundation dissolves, more information and clarity will be required during this period of change.

  • The DAO needs a team with ample experience and a proven track record to ensure a smooth transition through coherent communication to the general public and regional communities.
  • The unit will also jumpstart the marketing efforts without delays to further expand the MakerDAO ecosystem. The team consists of individuals that have persistently demonstrated their ability to achieve results.

Core Unit Name

Strategic Marcomms Core Unit


Consistent and strategic branding strengthens the name of MakerDAO and creates value. The team filters out the complexity of MakerDAO and makes information easy to digest for our targeted audience. The unit’s expertise in branding and communication is vital for a decentralized organization such as MakerDAO.

It increases the visibility of Dai and promotes Dai adoption through the following mandate:

  • Represent the interests of the MakerDAO community
  • Help target audience understand the benefits of Dai by providing educational content and events
  • Plan, initiate and execute marketing and community activities on behalf of the project
  • Collaborate with other units to achieve objectives identified for MakerDAO
  • Be the point of contact for major media across the globe
  • Facilitate interviews with MakerDAO facilitators and relevant contributors to create value through PR strategies
  • Inherit and manage key social media platforms, MakerDAO’s homepage, and blog
  • Adapt and modify strategy as needed (localization, hypothesis validation discovery, legal climate change, etc.)


The unit will help MakerDAO grow by

  1. Increasing the awareness of Dai and the Maker Protocol
  2. Boosting Dai adoption through promotions and partnerships
  3. Addressing marketing and PR-related needs from other core units such as priming potential partners for business development and RWA adoption-related discussions
  4. Having an evolving and collaborative mindset to grow with other units and the community


Based on a SWOT analysis, one can see that even though Dai captures all the advantages of blockchain, its growth has lagged behind centralized stablecoin. Without a more aggressive approach, it could potentially put MakerDAO further behind others. This can be tackled in many fronts, including collaboration of CUs such as RWA, Growth, and this Strategic Marcomms MIP put forward.

With Strategic Marcomms, our focus will be on boosting our visibility in jurisdictions where Dai has gained legal status, while seeking ways to expand our PR activities in countries where legality remains in question.

Boosting our visibility means a) an increase in marketing and ads spending for channels we identify as key for our targeted audience b) boosting visibility through earned, as well as paid media, utilizing PR agencies

Key strategies for our unit include the following:

  • Lowering the entry barriers for new potential users through hosting events, community building, PR, and educational content
  • Finding narratives that connect with our targeted users and align with their values through storytelling
  • Highlighting benefits that our targeted users deem most valuable through messaging
  • Developing and activating programs that can bolster our marketing initiatives

Target audience groups and key markets:

  • Target audience

    • Digital native-generation and crypto users and who haven’t used Dai
    • Individuals in the financial sector and the technology sector who tend to have a basic understanding of the critical components of open finance or DeFi
    • Sectors identified by other facilitators as key to their success such as examples of verticals listed by the Growth Core Unit.
  • Market and use-case specific

    • Countries experiencing hyperinflation in regions such as Latin America
    • Region of a large population with mobile, but relatively low number of bank accounts such as Africa
    • Those living in countries with near-zero interest rates such as the EU, Japan
    • Regions with a substantial remittance need such as Southeast Asia and LatAm
    • We can achieve our objectives more quickly through economies of scale in the world’s three biggest economies: the U.S., China, and Japan

The unit is open to evolve with the MakerDAO community and partnership.

Projects and Programs

The team plans to tackle the targeted audience by introducing several global-wide programs that are most likely to achieve results.

The unit will implement the following initiatives and focus on the marketing channels listed below with several new ideas to be introduced in stage throughout the year:

Word-of-Mouth - Dai’s benefits and the story of MakerDAO can be explained more effectively with more credibility when it is from a third-party such as Dai users and partners, and advocates. The unit will pursue and provide opportunities for others to share their experiences.

Storytelling - Deliver actual stories on how our global community members use Dai in their life to motivate current and prospective users’ interaction with Dai and Maker. Stories will be conveyed in our blog and/or on podcasts.

Scalability - The team plans to introduce programs that enable us to extend our reach effectively.

  • Ambassador program - Develop and activate a program that can bring scalability to the unit to increase the visibility of Maker and Dai

  • Translation program - Create and launch a translation program that expands our reach by providing information in more languages identified as key.

Marketing campaigns and advertising - The unit will conduct marketing and advertising campaigns for our target user segments. They include joint marketing campaigns with partners and buying ads on platforms where our target user segments are. The unit takes all marketing or advertising opportunities into consideration.

PR - Utilizing earned media, shared media, and owned media adequately

  • News outlets (earned media) - Identify audiences and key news outlets for the audiences, reach out to those targeted news outlets, and pitch stories when major milestones reached

  • Social Media (shared media) - Specific content planned and scheduled to share regularly with a targeted audience in each major social media platforms

  • Blog and other contents (owned media) - Create blog content and utilize platforms such as Podcast, or Clubhouse to gather audience and followers.

Region-Specific Strategy

One size doesn’t fit all. In addition to the global strategy, the unit adopts a bottom-up approach to extend our reach in regional markets by adopting the best practices for each market under a shared vision.

Targeted regions are in different stages, with unique challenges and opportunities:


North America is the most prominent crypto market. Our approach in the region is to increase our visibility through PR activities, collaborating with partners while running advertisement and marketing campaigns. Marketing activities will be planned and executed following the guidelines of U.S. regulation.

  • Collaborate with blockchain news outlets on finance and technology, utilizing earned and paid media to increase visibility.
  • Run social media ads for educational and informative content to reach more target audiences.
  • Partner with institutions such as universities and blockchain technology labs and sponsoring hackathons to position Maker as a thought leader and educator.
  • Enable meetup pods in the major North American cities in all tech and incubation houses.
  • Sponsor large technology conferences such as SXSW, partnering with various festivals for DAI payments.


South America has experienced a surge in cryptocurrency usage in the last couple of years. Issues like hyperinflation, low wages, and government policy make stablecoins a necessity and expose market fit as default for the whole region. Marketing campaigns and educational initiatives are needed to help people understand the value proposition of Maker and DAI, and how it could have a positive impact on their ability to store, manage, and spend their savings.

  • Boost public recognition of DAI in the Region by increasing the audience and reach of our social media channels.
  • Expand our activities by finding ambassadors in other countries where our reach is limited.
  • Boost the use of DAI in the region as a method of exchange and savings by promoting the P2P marketplaces already established (Venezuela, Colombia) and creating new ones (Perú, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay).
  • Hold Meetups focused on using the tools available for DAI and MakerDAO.
  • Placement of advertising material in specific areas, such as posters and billboards.


A very active region with several internationally renowned blockchain hubs with slightly different focuses such as favorable regulations, favorable taxation, high quality financial system, high standards for privacy, rich startup ecosystem, or special concerns on democracy/governance. Europe also boasts many grassroot blockchain-related organizations and highly regarded crypto-native organizations; it also features a growing number of mainstream and government-related entities getting involved in blockchain (universities, startup centers and more).

  • Our top priority in Europe will be to leverage the local communities for growth in Dai awareness, onboarding and usage. This will be achieved via presentations, classes, courses and workshops.
  • Collaborations, partnerships and an ambassador program will be put in place to supercharge this effort. With relevant organizations and communities from within and outside of the crypto industry.
  • Identify and reach out to audiences and communities that are ripe for crypto adoption. This may include digital natives studying blockchain at university, communities who have a local currency in web2 or paper format, meetup groups focused on fintech, meetup groups focused on tech within minorities (i.e. women who code), meetup groups focused on open source and/or privacy.
  • Targeted marketing and PR campaigns will help reinforce awareness within the communities and audiences identified. Collaboration with language-specific highly regarded crypto public figures.
  • Localizing content, this can include the official website and some other key content. We will prioritize language according to identified hubs and most spoken languages. For instance German is very high on the list as Berlin and Zug are both German speaking. Other languages include Spanish, French and Russian which are some of the world’s most spoken languages.


Faced with currency devaluation and high inflation rate, Africa has high demand for financial services like loans, savings/investment and international payments. Our priority and initial marketing focus will be research, exploration and education. The targeted markets initially include Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya as they have been identified preliminary as where the crypto users are.

  • We can effectively motivate potential users after research identifies where crypto can be used (internet access, mobile) and where partnership makes sense.
  • There’s a need for education regarding money via introductory campaigns and similar initiatives to improve financial literacy and overcome barriers regarding financial services.
  • Our marketing approach will consider the region’s unique infrastructure and leapfrogging development to employ locally relevant and meaningful communication channels and platforms.


The North Asian region is a diverse market that consists of some of the biggest markets for MakerDAO: China, Korea, and Japan. For our strategy to be effective, each key market’s approach needs to be specific and tailored to that market. The regulatory landscape regarding crypto also varies widely. While each country has a different culture and languages, the unit’s contributors can create synergies by sharing successful initiatives and resources.

  • Localize content, including Maker websites, to effectively reach the audience
  • Manage local social media channels and chatrooms to help potential users understand
  • Boost social media followers such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Combine marketing campaigns with easy-step challenges to make learning easy and interesting
  • Provide local content via mainstream/social media, blogs, on/off-line events, etc.


Southeast Asia has a very diverse cultural and regulatory landscape. Singapore is a significant crypto hub in Japan, with one of the more lax SEA markets for crypto-specific regulations. The focus on the region will be on Vietnam and the Philippines because they are ranked top 10 in global remittance in fiat remittances.

  • Localize content and increase awareness of MakerDAO and Dai
  • Utilize ambassador program to build and build and strengthen local communities


The list below contains a list of approaches the unit utilizes depending on the needs for each region.


  • Provide clear messaging and communicate effectively with mainstream media
  • Create value through PR strategies, including earned media from reputable online news outlets, YouTube channels, and podcasts
  • Be the point of contact for the mainstream media

Marketing and Social Media

  • Conduct marketing campaigns to raise the awareness of Dai
  • Manage the official social media platforms for MakerDAO such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Promote latest partnerships with Growth Unit and other teams
  • Coordinate with other core units and the community in promoting Dai


  • Strategize our event involvement (virtual & in-person)
  • Assess event sponsorship opportunities and commit resources to those aligned with our strategy
  • Personal participation at the most relevant events to represent MakerDAO and strengthen our network
  • Expand offline presence through local events (directly, via partners, or ambassadors)
  • Provide lead generation for Growth or other CUs


  • Calibrate our strategy to match the needs, culture, and the stage of Dai awareness in specific regions
  • Use the most popular social media and communication channels to establish and grow local communities and run local campaigns
  • Translate content (video, text, etc.) about MakerDAO in key markets
  • Collaborate with those who share the same vision with MakerDAO, including local institutions, associations, and advocates
  • Identify local passionate and talented MakerDAO supporters and onboard them as ambassadors

Market Research and Analysis

  • Research and analyze data gathered to gauge the effectiveness of the unit and adjust as needed
  • Gather sentiment around Maker and Dai and convey it to the DAO


This unit plans to adopt the Objective-Key-Results (OKRs) approach to achieve its goals. The objectives set for the units will come with a couple of key results that are to be determined as we gain more visibility with the existing data.

In order to ensure our unit’s strategy is aligned with other units, the discussions with other core units on identifying their needs will be important in creating our deliverables. Another factor in determining deliverables is team members. As new members of our units are being added, strategies and deliverables will be an ongoing discussion for the first couple of months. Based on our discussion so far, deliverables include, but not limited to the following:

  • Identify and create value proposition for each key market segments
  • Research and explore opportunities in developing markets in Africa and LatAM where financial services may be lagging
  • Activation of an ambassador program: planning, proof of concept, adjust, implementation
  • Quarterly marketing campaigns and ads


Individuals on this team come with extensive experience in marketing, PR, communications, and community building. Some of the team members are part of MakerDAO community who have been advocates and contributors in the past years.

  • Their area of expertise includes outreach through events and marketing campaigns.
  • They have built communities and localized educational content in key markets. Communicating with potential users in the language they speak underscores the spirit of MakerDAO as an inclusive organization.
  • They have effectively shared their knowledge about Maker through various speaking engagements and social media.

Kathleen Chu

  • Former Bloomberg journalist with years of experience in PR, content, and marketing in the blockchain space
  • Co-Founder of a popular DeFi community called Yasashi DeFi in Japan, and a founding member of Japan DeFi Alliance, an advocacy group
  • Built several communities, including women’s community and the working family community at Bloomberg Tokyo, as well as Japan’s DeFi community
  • Ran a series of marketing campaigns that boosted the traffic to Maker’s homepage and blog in H2 2020 by more than 80 percent
  • Established connections needed to foster collaboration with entities such as BGIN, a blockchain group supported by some regulators, and invited to speak at major government-hosted events such as Finsum

Sahabia Yabuku

  • Regional ambassador for Maker since August 2019
  • Top organizer over the life of the MakerDAO community development meetup grant
  • Founder of DeFi Africa - a “for-Impact Organization” that promotes the awareness of DeFi-related technologies in Africa
  • Gave talks about DeFi and MakerDAO in key blockchain and youth empowerment events in Africa. They include Ghana Blockchain Conference 2019, Ghana Youth Ablaze Conference 2019 & 2020, Cryptofest 2020, BEN Africa Kick-off 2020.
  • Organized MakerDAO meetups in more than half a dozen Ghanaian universities, engaged in radio discussions about DAI, published a number of DeFi articles

Kaori Sato

  • Published more than a dozen of DeFi and blockchain articles as a writer at CoinPost, a Japanese media company with the third-largest number of readers worldwide.
  • Past work has attracted hundreds of retweets and likes on Twitter.
  • Translated Maker’s blog posts since its early rollout in Japan as a freelancer
  • Localized content for Maker, including its homepage, whitepaper, and technical documents

Francesco Alberti

  • Former reporter, business editor at the Mainichi Daily News, the English language paper published by the Mainichi Shinbun, one of Japan’s leading newspapers
  • Contributing editor to major Asian newspapers such as Chosun Ilbo (S. Korea), Mainichi Shinbun (Japan) , Hindu Business Line (India), The ASEAN Post (Malaysia)
  • Managed Japan’s syndication business for Bloomberg and then managed the Bloomberg Media Distribution group in APAC
  • Produced a supplement in Time Magazine’s Japan edition titled “Spot Japan”
  • Works as an advisor for media-related startups

Strategic Marcomms Budget

Facilitator Onboarding



This is a very necessary initiative, thank you for stepping up.
I have only some comments in general to add to your proposal which otherwise looks fine.

What I have observed from Maker’s efforts to reach a wider audience is that it so far appears to be more education than marketing. It is rational to the extreme. There is imho already more than sufficient quality Youtube vids explaining Dai and Maker. Also the noise level is so low that you could almost expect Maker to be a sort of secret nightclub where you can only get in if you know where it is.

So what I have yet to see is playing to the emotional aspects of crypto and an increase in the volume.
Hodled like BTC
Petted like Doge
Pumped like Nano
Stampede evaluation like Uniswap

Also I so far miss the megaphone aspect of marketing
The influencers
The namedropping
Covert rumor production
General FOMO spraying

You might choose to stop right before enlisting ‘Too hot to handle’ celebs but Russian propaganda mills should seriously be considered. Marketing has few rules of engagement and crypto marketing is a total jungle. I hope you make the most of it.


Thank you for the proposal, @Kathleen.

One point that stands out from a first read-through is the apparent concentration of marketing efforts on Asia. While European, African, and North American countries get lumped into one bag (South America is also missing), we see explicit mentions of China, Japan, and South Korea in the proposal. The current team’s background seems to be supportive of this interpretation as well. Is this something you’re looking to solve with new hires?

Lastly, does this quote mean there’s currently no strategy in place on how to approach one of the major crypto markets?

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Thanks for your comment!

That is a valid point. We will certainly have to consider that when the unit discusses our strategy more thoroughly.

And thanks for the suggestions on a number of ways to approach marketing. I haven’t thought of those possibilities. I certainly want to evaluate and assess what can be done to achieve the best results, at the same time, being mindful of MakerDAO’s brand and reputation.


Elihu, thanks for the great question. Yes, we are looking to hire people in Europe and North America. We are currently in the process of onboarding two people from North America. Having a solid strategy for one of the biggest crypto markets is our priority and it will be updated at a later date.


Ah I totally forgot - the memes
Org a meme competition at 4chan to create an epic burst sewer pipe of irrational content.
Beats “explaining” every time.

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Mmm, this seems a bit weird. Have you really never thought about:

which is literally what any other crypto (and not just crypto) project is doing?

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I don’t see MakerDAO like any other crypto projects. In fact, we are beyond that. Just because some other people are doing those things, it doesn’t mean we should do the same. We will need to differentiate and that’s how we can tap into new users and markets.

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Thanks. That’s an interesting approach (not sure if everybody agrees with it, but it’s definitely interesting).

Following this approach, what are short term (1year) measurable and verifiable objectives that you plan to achieve (in marketing) if the Core Unit is approved and funded?

This might help us to appreciate more the value/potential of your approach.

Thanks @Kathleen


Okeeey. I can see more clearly now.
I will go as far as to say that if that is your approach I would state that in bold text under the “Core Unit Mandate”. If your strategy is not doing what the bulkmass of crypto is considering normal I would very much have that stated in plain text up front.

This. Double.

Additionally there is the topic of Core Unit Mandate.

You might want to consider renaming your Core Unit to “Dai Education Core Unit”. Because that is what you are planning to do. To me it looks very much the same as the GRO team. Please correct me.


I think we have to ask ourselves – do we want Maker to grow into an integral part (if not a backbone) of a global financial system or a project that spews “sewer pipe[s] of irrational content” for the “degen apes”? Remember, everything we do here is not in a vacuum; pumping Maker financial services will draw the eyes of those looking to crack down on the space.

Rune and the OGs notably avoided that approach which contributed (in part at least) to the diverse, welcoming, methodical and non-hyperbolic community culture we have today. It’s that deliberate culture that informs everything we do, and if we move away from it, inch-by-degenerate inch, we jeopardize more than “gainz”.



This initiative is definitely important. Thanks for the suggestion.

DeFi remains opaque in many countries around the world. Localization and community outreach is one of the key roles that the Maker Foundation plays, and after the Foundation is dissolved, the position for this role will have to be determined in advance.


Thanks for your response. My advice would be to update the proposal to reflect this thinking better.


Thank you for this detailed description.

A more level-headed approach to marketing and communications fits Maker. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but hyperaggressive strategies favor short-term growth at the cost of our identity 5 years from now. That being said. There are at least 3 areas of communication with audiences that don’t fully overlap:

  1. MKR promotion. Not part of your proposal and, I think, not something Maker wants to do.
  2. MakerDAO reputation, especially with institutions. Part of your proposal and matches the way you present yourself.
  3. Dai adoption. Part of your proposal. The level-headed approach works, but it is true that > 0 marketing-ish communication would improve things.

Also I’m very much on board with @iammeeoh and @Planet_X re: well-defined objectives with deadlines. Not as success/failure conditions but as helpful concretizations of what you are planning to achieve through the means you’ve detailed in your initial post.

edit: What would be incredibly helpful is a down-to-earth summary of your overall understanding of where Maker is in terms of marketing&communication, and of what it needs. Knowing your model of how things are will not only help understanding the reasons behind your plans, but it will also help relate the different growth&communication initiatives to one another so everything can fit together in the end.


Hello @Kathleen – can you please name some of the successful marketing campaigns that your Team has launched?

You know I see folks like FTX buying into the Miami Heat Basketball Arena were I imagine their marketing will be geared towards Americans, and the Team at Solana is making headlines like:

OKEx and MXC are pouring $40 million into strategic investment funds to bootstrap development on the Solana network

And I often wonder what we as a Community can do to get more traction. So, I guess what I am saying–I really don’t know what accomplishments you and your Team have brought to the DAO–perhaps because the Foundation had to slow down marketing growth, or Regulations are hampering such.


Hey @Planet_X

The growth unit mandate is to grow the available distribution channels for the Maker protocol, which means integrating the Maker protocol (Dai, vaults, PSM, DSR, Dai on Optimism L2…) into other’s solutions. It could be by talking with every CEX or DEX to have Dai in different markets (some of these exchanges could decide to list Dai by themselves. With others -most of them- we have to create a joint strategy to generate a Dai market), or by developing use cases where Dai is the right solution for a challenge (like NGOs receiving donations in countries with a regime).

In any case, our job is to understand the market, proactively reach out to potential partners, pitch them why Maker is what they need, and in a consultative way, help them to create solutions based on the Maker Protocol.

Part of our job is to educate, not because we want everyone to be an expert about how the protocol works, but because we need to show our potential partners why they should choose Maker over other protocols/stablecoins.

Growth unit’s focus is on the B2B relationship (with companies, protocols, projects, governments, etc.) and how they can use the Maker protocol to reach more users.


Thank you for the suggestion. These discussions on the forum enable my team to see things we may overlook as we continue to delve more in-depth into our strategic planning.

When it comes to marketing strategy, there are many possibilities, and each delivers a different level of ROI. That ROI would also vary in one market vs. another. That’s why we listed region-specific strategy as one of the focuses. Several global-wide programs and joint promotions that are most likely to achieve the best results will also be closely examined and considered.

Regarding the unit’s performance measurement and deliverables, we have started that discussion last week and hope to finalize that in the next couple of weeks. We may use OKR to set a clear direction for the team and utilize KPI to gauge our performance. I also plan to share quarterly updates on our progress.

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Thanks for the suggestions.

As for eduction, it is only part of marketing and promotion.

For us, in the crypto space, education can seem redundant and dull, but there’s still a significant knowledge gap between those in the space and the rest. Education is a way to lower that entry barrier so others feel comfortable joining.

Adding to what Nadia had explained about her unit, my unit will focus on B2C and convey the benefits of Dai and the Maker Protocol to potential users.


Thanks for the answers.

I am a bit confused on a pretty important point, though.

Question: Have you already worked (under the Foundation or not? please specify) on Marketing+Communications for MakerDAO in the last months/years (please specify).

  1. What have you done exactly? → As many people have no idea of what you have done, your action might have been not so visible. If, for instance, some of your candidate Core Unit contributors have appeared in TV talking about MakerDAO in S-Korea, not many people have here have watched the show. Have this TV-appearance brought millions of S-Koreans to MakerDAO? Please inform us on this type of results.
  2. What ‘strategy’ have you been following in the past, which can be extended to the future? Sentences like:

suggest that you have a vision/strategy. At the same time, sentences like:

Make me feel like the strategy is not yet determined, or at least is very shaky.

So, really, it’s hard to vote on approving (or not) your proposal if we don’t know what great things you have done for MakerDAO in the past and what you plan (precisely) to do in the future.

To to contrary, Core Units that have been proposed so far, have a clear record of results that we are more familiar with, and a clearly stated mission for the future.


Hi @ElProgreso
Collaborating with the community will make a big difference, which I have been thinking of as well. One idea is in storytelling. I mentioned briefly as a word-of-mouth type of approach under Projects and Programs.

Here are some examples of marketing campaigns that boosted the traffic to Maker’s homepage and blog In Japan. Note that the success has limited to Japan, and it can be easily tweaked for and adopted by the global market. Please also check these hashtags because then you can see how they resonate with people.

July 2020
One’s favorite food campaign - one’s favorite food in Japanese is Daikoubutsu. We ran this campaign after the restaurants started to reopen after the first wave of the pandemic. We asked people to show their support for their favorite restaurants by posting pictures of their favorite food on social media and the name of the restaurant and tag to #dai好物 (DAIkoubutsu). The participants got Dai in return. Then we shared how Dai can be used.
*1,400% surge of visits to our blog page for the campaign period.
*The campaign generated 62.8K impressions on the campaign’s tweets and replies, while #dai好物 had 251K impressions.

September 2020
Where’s Dai? (or dokoDAI) This campaign invites people to find or create things that consist of Dai or something that includes dai sound. We ask them to tweet it and tag it to #dokoDAI. After that, as a token of appreciation, we put all the submissions into a mosaic DAI.
The hashtag #どこDAI reached at least 160K of Impressions.

November 2020
Haikudaikai: We collaborated with the biggest crypto news outlet in Japan and ran a haiku competition.
*Number of new sessions/visits to our blog more than doubled
*The hashtag #俳句DAI会 reached at least 67K of Impressions.

And you are right. We have been very careful in the marketing activities we conduct. A lot of thoughts need to be put into it. While we want to promote, we also have to keep in mind what can be done while guarding the brand and the image of MakerDAO.