MIP39c2-SP9: Strategic Marcomms Core Unit

So if there’s anything I can help with in the N American market, either in just raising the profile of Maker or even specific use cases, let me know. I feel the tax advantages of borrowing against appreciated crypto holdings via DAI vaults should not be ignored, as it doesn’t trigger a taxable event for those holding those assets — at least in the US. It seems like a good way to compete with exchanges that are heavily pushing the ability to borrow in USD against BTC. Skipping some transaction fees by borrowing in DAI may or may not present an advantage for high net worth holders of crypto


Tax plays such a big part in the decision-making process. How do you think we can increase the awareness of the tax benefit?

And yes, I will reach out to run some ideas with you for the North American market. Thanks!

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So I would double check with an accountant or tax attorney to ensure there’s no crypto-specific land mine out there. But generally speaking, someone selling a portion of BTC or other crypto asset would be subject to capital gains, even if they wanted to sell it for DAI and not USD. It’s a paperwork nightmare, quite frankly, as you have to figure out your cost basis on the specific portion of BTC/whatever you are selling.

Alternatively, you can access that liquidity by taking a loan against it. If that loan is for more investment within crypto, why not borrow DAI instead of USD that will then need to be converted again to crypto? The ability to possibly cut out a transaction fee by staying on the chain (asset—>DAI—->investment vs asset—->USD—->investment) coupled with a way to more privately monitor the collateralization of your loan may present a way to grab a piece of this market where exchanges are pushing people to pawn their BTC and ETH for loans.

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This is and a very powerful message and real-world use case.
Drawing down on your crypto reserves to buy new assets has the potential to simplify and reduce your tax. Just like giving appreciated crypto can be tax efficient. (This is not tax advice, etc)
I feel that some simple written/video resources (with all the necessary disclaimers and legal advice) would be hugely valuable. How many people don’t know what @PaperImperium describes above? How many people would act differently if they did?

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I mean, April is Financial Literacy Month. Seems like a good time to get the message out

Is it possible to have a Google Analytics report? visits trends, most read pages, geography, acquisition channels, … (another one for Oasis would be awesome but not sure it’s enabled). That would help a lot to shape the discussion on the forum (not even thinking about marketing here).


Does this mean that Marcomms as a unit does not have a strategy document?
The world has 7.6 billion people. You obviously can’t talk to all of them.
Who does Marcomms prioritize?
Who are not prioritized?
And why?
And what was the framework given to you by the foundation?
How about the framework from Legal? Can you talk about that?

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Out of curiosity, what share of the remittance market does DAI have? I’d think we’d be perfect for that, with the only fees being gas and local currency conversion. It would tie a lot of markets together, too — with N Am and Europe adopting so they can send to Lat Am, Africa, Philippines, India, etc.


That’d make sense for the facilitators after some units are voted in and the foundation hands over the responsibilities.

The unit has several working documents, and strategic planning is one of them. I would be more than happy to go over the strategy more in detail when I present them during a community call. A majority of key markets that we should focus on have already been included in the proposal. We plan to modify the proposal to address and clarify some great points raised by you and some others in the community. Here are more detailed answers for your questions:

Target audience groups:

  • Crypto users who haven’t used Dai

  • Those in the financial sector and the technology sector with a basic understanding of the critical components of open finance or DeFi

Target market:

  • Region experiencing hyperinflation in their countries such as LATAM

  • Region of a large population with mobile, but no bank account such as Africa

  • Those living in countries with near-zero interest rates such as the euro-zone and Japan

  • Regions with a substantial remittance need such as Southeast Asia and LATAM

  • The world’s three-biggest economies where we can gain the advantage of economies of scale can be achieved more effectively: the U.S., China, and Japan

Regarding the framework given by the foundation, I don’t have the authority to talk about that. If you like to hear what I have done, then I would be more than happy to share. I believe I have also provided some highlights of my work already.

Keep in mind that I am submitting this proposal as part of a community member who is keen to contribute, not as someone representing the foundation.

I am afraid I can’t speak on behalf of Legal.

There are many things I have learned as a former financial journalist and as a marketer. I understand that we must set aside a budget for legal to ensure that what we do is legally sound.

There is no such data available, but utilizing major use cases would be the way to go indeed.

Indeed. I agree.


Hi all. I have updated our proposal to address some of the suggestions and concerns by the community. We have added the following:

  • Objectives
  • Global strategy
  • Strategy for North and South America
  • Target audiences and markets
  • Deliverables

We have also consolidated North Asia coverage and taken out the Middle East due to a lack of visibility on the market. We aim to formerly submit the proposal on May 5th.

Thank you for all your valuable input and your feedback and questions will be appreciated.


With a clear end goal you have a much better chance of success and likely to win over those skeptical of your intentions. I look forward to see what you come up with.


So I’m a little late to the conversation, but could you elaborate more on:

  • What easily measured deliverables is this CU designed to provide? Awareness, social media engagement, and availability for media contact are all things that aren’t easy to measure in terms of output and actual impact. Will there be a reported number of deals with some entities that will also have a measured impact in terms of DAI transactions or volume?

  • Who is the target audience? My understanding is that Growth is targeting integrations (not to say you couldn’t as well). Marcomms is targeting… people we want to open vaults? Integrations to accept DAI? Mid-stream “distributors” like Instadapp or DeFiSaver that push our product for us? Who exactly is the focus?

  • For PR and media contact, where is the “vision” going to come from so that we stay on message. There’s a certain tension between Maker-to-democratize-finance message and the Maker-as-central-bank/DAI-as-a-building-block message. How do those get resolved when someone from the media presses us for an “official” statement?

Thanks in advance! Maybe I missed the answers to these, since I know there’s been lots of discussion already and I’m kind of coming in at the end.


Thanks for your questions @PaperImperium. I appreciate your interest in finding out more about our unit.

About easily measured deliverables, you have raised a good point. Let me explain how we plan to tackle that issue. Our unit utilizes a set of OKRs, which is an objective-focused method accompanying key results to help us to focus on what really matters. As listed in the proposal, two top objectives for the Strategic Marcomms unit are to 1) increase the awareness of Dai and the Maker Protocol and 2) boost Dai adoption through promotions and partnerships.

To achieve the above objectives, we focus on the customer journey from Awareness, Interest, Desire to Action. We track key results in each stage of the journey, such as page views from earned or paid media, growth of visits to websites and blogs, social media, and marketing campaign engagement.

The timing of an increase in traffic is one way to see the effect of our activities. For example, we can measure the outcome by looking at the correlation between the timing of a marketing campaign and an increase in website visits. There are other ways to measure the impact such as URL tracking.

In addition to the deliverables we have listed in the proposal, a number of key results will be considered and set once the team gets a chance to access and evaluate the historical data of MakerDAO’s homepage and blog.

Regarding the unit’s target audience, we have identified them, as well as key markets in our updated proposal. Please have a look and let us know what you think. Basically, our target audience is mainly potential users who are likely to use DAI and the Maker Protocol to protect their assets or earn interest rates. As a marketing unit, we will also work with other units such as the Growth unit or the RWA unit in helping them to achieve their goals by increasing the visibility of Dai and the Maker protocol among potential partners, so that when the teams approach these prospects for partnership or collaboration discussions, they already know who we are.

As to your question on PR and media, like you have mentioned, the topic of vision is still in discussion. Our unit, consisting of members with PR or journalism background who understand the organization’s current status, is best to communicate that clearly to the media when being pressed for comment. Regarding media inquiries, our unit will ensure they speak to the right facilitator or community member involved depending on the topics.

The PR component of the unit also focuses on messaging, value proposition, trend research, and media training.

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Formally submitting this MIP for the May Governance Cycle


Many successes to all!

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I think celebrity marketing is really good, in every continent, and sure it would be on de Marketing CU plans!

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