MIP4: MIP Amendment and Removal Process

MIP4: MIP Amendment and Removal Process


MIP#: 4
Title: MIP Amendment and Removal Process
Author(s): Rune Christensen (@Rune23) and Charles St.Louis (@CPSTL)
Contributors: @LongForWisdom
Type: Process
Status: <Assigned by MIP Editor>
Date Proposed: 2020-04-06
Dependencies: n/a
Replaces: n/a

Sentence Summary

MIP4 defines processes for the amendment and removal of accepted MIPs.

Paragraph Summary

The Amendment and Removal Process-MIP outlines the process for very small and relatively superficial changes to MIPs. This MIP Contains two Process Components, the first dealing with the Removal of ratified MIPs, and the second dealing with Amending current active MIPs.

Component Summary

MIP4c1: Purpose Description
Suggests the purpose of the amendment and removal processes and possible reasons for using each process.

MIP4c2: MIP Amendment Process
A process component which defines a method and template for the amendment of an accepted MIP.

MIP4c3: MIP Removal Process
A process component which defines a method and template for the removal of an accepted MIP.


The motivation behind this proposal is that changing small details to MIPs should not require the original MIP to become obsolete or replaced, so this Process-MIP is needed to define and outline the process behind making these changes to MIPs once they have already been ratified and implemented. Additionally, this MIP defines the process for the removal of MIPs that are have become no longer useful.

Specification / Proposal Details

MIP4c1: Purpose Description

MIP Amendments that preserve the MIP number can be performed as long as there are no changes to the logic of the MIP or to the MIP’s external output dependencies. They should only be used when minor changes are required.

The validity of MIP Amendments is ultimately up to the community but possible reasons for amendments could be (but are not limited to):

  • A formatting change
  • Typos
  • Rewording/clarification

MIP Amendments are invalid if, based on the assessment of the community, the changes are so severe that they should be achieved through a MIP replacement instead.

MIP4 also enables the removal of MIPs that are no longer useful. If there are other MIPs that depend on a MIP that is being removed, they must also be removed in the same governance cycle, or the proposal will be invalid.

MIP4c2: MIP Amendment Process

This component details the process of making amendments.

  • Feedback Period: 1 month
  • Frozen Period: 1 week
  • Template:
    • The amendment process follows the same template of the MIP you are proposing an amendment to.

MIP4c3: MIP Removal Process

  • This component details the process of removing MIPs.
  • Feedback Period: 3 months
  • Frozen Period: 1 month
  • Template:

  - MIP to be removed: <MIP#>

  - Author:

  - Date of Submission: <date created on, in (yyyy-mm-dd) format>

  - Motivation:
    - Explanation behind the removal of the MIP
    - Any impact this has on other MIPs that interact with the MIP in question. 

  - Relevant Information:
	-  Links to evidence further backing the motivation.

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Feels like MIP4c2 should have its own template, despite just being an amendment to a previous MIP. I have trouble picturing how an amendment sub-proposal will travel through the MIPs process without one.

Some possible inclusions for such a template:

  • MIP# that’s being amended.
  • MIP Components that are being amended.
  • An un-merged PR containing the amendments to the accepted MIP.
  • A motivations section discussing the reasons for the changes.
  • Why this is valid for an amendment rather than a full replacement.
  • Author, Date, etc.

Agreed. That’s a great suggestion.

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While true the amendmend process could/should have its own template. To my mind this whole MIP4 itself is a single component of MIP0 defining how MIPs are structured, requirements, templates, etc.
If we are going to take what appear to be single components of what could be and maybe should be a complete MIP related to MIP structure we might as well break apart MIP0 entirely and make seperate MIPs of all the so called stand alone components, adding/removing personnel including GF, MIP Editor, etc. There also is nothing regarding dealing with dependencies in this document which I think would be crucial for doing MIP amendments.

Another idea is that this amendement process should define what is a necessary amendment for re-approval by governance vs. one that is simply editorial (i.e. search replace a string on all MIPs simply to be verbally consistent).

While one could anticipate this with a seperate MIP given this process is highly tied to MIP structure and processing and may make something like MIP0 even longer I think it is more appropriate to take these simple ideas and colleate them into a single location MIP0 Maker Improvement Proposal Framework because Amending and Removing in effect is a integral part of the adding MIPs framework imo.

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The most updated version of MIP4 can be found here: https://github.com/makerdao/mips/tree/master/MIP4