MIP40c3-SP1: Modify Core Unit Budget (Real-World Finance)

MIP40c2-SP1: Modify Core Unit Budget (Real-World Finance)


MIP40c2-SP#: 1
Author(s): Sébastien Derivaux (@SebVentures)
Status: RFC
Date Applied: 2021-01-26
Date Ratified:



  • The motivation is to officially onboard the informal RWA team using the new Core Unit framework

Core Unit Name

  • Real-World Finance

List of Budget Implementations

  • The budget is based on the proposition made on the forum.
  • This budget implementation uses the Manual Budget Implementations, the Simple one, or any other method achieving the same result at the discretion of the Governance Facilitators.
  • Dai per month: up to 40k/month paid when convenient (Governance Facilitators decision). If the actual Budget Implementation doesn’t allow variability in the payment, it will be 40k DAI per month.
  • The destination wallet is: 0x9e1585d9CA64243CE43D42f7dD7333190F66Ca09 RWF Core Unit Multisig

List of Budget Breakdowns

  • Contributor compensation:
    • Sébastien (@SebVentures): full time core unit facilitator
    • William (@williamr): full-time risk contributor
    • Phil (@Philinje): Part-time, our real estate expert
    • Jan: Part-time, our finance expert
    • James (@jameskmccall): Part-time, our farmland finance expert for P1-DROP
    • Rayan: Part-time, our finance laws expert
  • Tooling:
    • Access to financial reports and business intelligence (e.g: real-estate prices, automated appraisals)

Thanks @SebVentures for the submission.

Is it possible to add as well the handle of these members in the forum? This would help for the community to immediately know who they are and how they have contributed previously (if they have contributed to the forum before of course).


Formal submission for the March governance cycle.

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The RWF Core Unit (RWF-001) multisig is currently defined as 0x9e1585d9CA64243CE43D42f7dD7333190F66Ca09 .

Governance (through the DSPauseProxy contract 0xBE8E3e3618f7474F8cB1d074A26afFef007E98FB ) will have a 1B DAI allowance on it and will seek MIP47 registrations as belonging to MakerDAO but operated by RWF.

The ledger of transactions will be find here.