MIP40c3-SP16: The Strategic Happiness Core Unit Budget, SH-001

MIP40c3-SP16: The Strategic Happiness Core Unit Budget, SH-001


MIP40c3-SP#: 16
Author(s): Andrew Burban (@Saint.Burban)
Contributors: @juanjuan, @TomDeMichele, @Nadia, @prose11
tags: sh-001-mipset
Status: Formal Submission
Date Applied: <2021-08-11>
Date Ratified: <yyyy-mm-dd>

Sentence Summary

MIP40c3-SP16 adds the budget for the Strategic Happiness Core Unit, SH-001.

Paragraph Summary

MIP40c3-SP16 adds the budget for the Strategic Happiness Core Unit, SH-001.
It includes the budget breakdown for Dai and MKR.



To fulfill the mandate of the Strategic Happiness Core Unit.

Due to foreseeable circumstances, I have largely blown up my personal trading account.

I would like to avoid selling my precious MKR, so it is unlikely I can continue to fund everything from my personal funds. Still, I would love and be honored to continue shipping out the Happiness Airdrops uninterrupted.

As such, I am making minor amendments to my budget proposal.

I am proposing a budget that will allow the freedom and flexibility to grow operations.

I know everyone got a good laugh out of the budget I initially proposed :slight_smile:

However, I quickly started noticing just how much interest everyone had in seeing me scale. After bouncing ideas off of others, examining my expenses, and considering my love for Maker, I realized that I would be much more effective with an appropriately sized ongoing budget.

  • Until recently, I only loosely tracked my expenses and airdrop recipients.
  • As interest grew over time, I’ve scaled my efforts.
  • Going forward, I will need to invest in a system to help me stay organized and track my operations.
  • I don’t anticipate depleting the entire balance in the first quarter, but I would like to leave a buffer to scale.

Core Unit Name | ID

  • Name: The Strategic Happiness Core Unit
  • ID: SH-001

Team Membership

The Strategic Happiness Core Unit team will include:

  • @Saint.Burban: Random-Time, Shitpost Facilitator, Chief Happiness Officer

Quarterly Budget Implementation

Based on actual expenses, I will propose a more comprehensive budget for the next quarter.

Item Amount
Dai Compensation
Facilitator 0 DAI
Shitposting 0 DAI
Swag 15,000 DAI
Shipping 10,000 DAI
Ongoing Operations 25,000 DAI
Travel 8,000 DAI
Total 58,000 DAI


The Strategic Happiness team should be incentivized toward behaviors that support raising the morale of the MakerDAO Community. In addition to base pay, each SHCU member will operate under a strict compensation structure, a proactive process that aligns incentives with those of MakerDAO.

The compensation structure follows these rules:

  • Base pay will be 0 DAI.
  • Two-quarters of goal achievement constitutes a 0% rise in base pay.
  • Not meeting goals results in base pay stagnation.
  • Bonus pay is determined by MakerDAO Governance.

As might be clear by now, I’m not requesting a salary at this time. I’m only looking to have my expenses covered and the creative liberty to try out fun new things.

Although I am not seeking a salary, I would be honored to be vested in MKR.
I will leave this decision to the DAO.

Note: If members of the community and the DAO insist that I accept a salary in the future, I would be open to it. For now, I’m more than happy to spend my time working on this. I’m just glad to be part of the reason the Maker community thrives :slight_smile:


  • Free.99

As part of the SHCU mandate, I will continue shitposting uninterrupted and free of charge. I will revise accordingly if I expand this CU in the future and hire people to help me.

Swag & Shipping

Bespoke Happiness Airdrops will typically contain:

  • Greeting Cards
  • Random Gifts
  • Custom Surprises
  • Official MakerDAO Swag
  • Unofficial Custom MakerDAO Swag

Cost Breakdown | A Typical Airdrop

Based on experience, these are my expenses for a typical Airdrop:

Item Domestic International
Swag 50-350 DAI 50-350 DAI
Shipping 25-150 DAI 50-300 DAI
Customs 0 DAI 🤷‍
Delivery 2-14 Days 1-16 weeks
Total 75-500 DAI 100-650+ DAI

After accounting for all expenses:

  • A typical Airdrop will usually cost several hundred dollars.
  • Some run much higher, especially when shipping internationally.
    • Every additional ounce counts!

I can expect to reach about 30-50 people through Airdrops per quarter.

Ongoing Operations

  • CRM Software
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • Travel
  • Miscellaneous Costs


I am requesting a quarterly budget of 8,000 Dai for travel.

  • This will allow me to attend Maker, ETH, and other worldwide crypto events.
  • The budget will cover flights, lodging, food, etc.
  • There should be enough funds to cover one to two events per quarter.
  • Unused funds will be credited towards the next quarter’s budget.


Unused Funds

  • Unused funds will be credited towards the next quarter’s budget.

Future Growth

If the SHCU continues to be successful, I may seek to expand my team in the future, and I will propose an adjusted budget to the DAO.

Swag Quality

  • To date, my airdrops have been relatively inexpensive, but in the future, if the DAO approves, I would like to send higher-quality airdrops.
    • Manufacturing and shipping costs for these may be much higher.
  • For the first quarter, I will work out of my existing budget.

Common Issues

Lost Packages

When you’re sending dozens of packages, the unfortunate reality is that some are bound to get lost or stolen, especially in these post-pandemic times.

  • Domestic: Very few, if any, packages go missing.
  • International: The rate is low but notably higher.
Shipping Insurance

Shipping insurance is not expensive, but it often causes issues at customs if the declared amount exceeds some arbitrary value. Also, insurance claims tend to be more expensive (in terms of mental bandwidth) than whatever value I may recoup. The real loss is the TLC that went into putting the package together in the first place.


Some countries with questionable customs standards have confiscated my shipments without notice or explanation (Venezuela). Others have demanded extortionary customs fees, sometimes into the thousands, before releasing a package to the recipient (South Africa). Other times, packages go missing with no explanation (France).


I’m open to suggestions from anyone with experience in this field. For now, I’ve just accepted that some will get lost, and I just eat the loss and send it again. It’s unfortunate when I don’t know whether or not my package even arrives since not everyone reaches out to me to confirm that they got it.

MKR Vesting

The Strategic Happiness Core Unit proposes to vest its members with MKR to further align incentives.

The MKR will be vested over a four-year vesting period, with a one-year cliff, subject to review based on performance.

Vesting is proposed as follows:

I hope that the Community will help me establish a fair amount during the RFC phase of this sub-proposal.

Budget Request Up-Front

On day one, I am requesting funding up-front, as follows:

Description Amount
Quarterly Budget 58,000 DAI
Past Expenditures * 27,000 DAI
Other Expenditures ** 16,500 DAI
Projected Expenditures *** 5,000 DAI
Total 106,500 DAI

* The 27,000 DAI covers my past expenditures since the dissolution of Comm-Dev.
** The 16,500 DAI covers a swag order placed towards the end of August.
*** The 5,000 DAI should cover expenditures until the next monthly Core Unit Cycle.


Core Unit Wallet Address

  • Address: 0x955993Df48b0458A01cfB5fd7DF5F5DCa6443550
  • Keyholder: @aburban90

Initial Transfer

  • Amount: 106,500 DAI
  • Description: Up-front payment for the first quarter’s budget and reimbursement for past expenses.

Quarterly Transfers

  • Amount: 58,000 DAI
  • Description: Ongoing Core Unit expenses
  • Streaming: 58,000 per quarter
  • Dates: October 1st, 2021 through December 31st, 2021.
  • Note: Based on community interest and actual expenses, I will revise this budget going forward.

The Show Must Go On!

  • Whether or not this proposal is ratified, the Happiness Airdrops will continue!
    • I’ve been with Maker since 2015, and I’m grateful to be part of this community.
    • All I want is to see us thrive!
  • Still, as this CU scales, compensation from the DAO would be appreciated.
    • Otherwise, Airdrops might only go out when number only go up!

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By far, this is the BEST Core Unit MIP application of the Year!!!



Would you be open to join the DeFi Saver team @aburban90? I think we can offer a very competitive deal.:thinking:


I would amend the salary to 420 DAI paid out every 69 days


Would it not be possible to have some sort of link to the forum activity? Like sourcecred? So Strategic Happiness would get some pay for generating forum activity? Just brainstorming here…


Edit - 5/28/2021

Due to foreseeable circumstances, I have largely blown up my personal trading account.

I would like to avoid selling my precious MKR, so it is unlikely I can continue to fund everything from my personal funds. Still, I would love and be honored to continue shipping out the Happiness Airdrops uninterrupted.

As such, I am making minor amendments to my budget proposal.


wowowowowowo, where do I vote to approve this UC right away?

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I like this proposal, but is it possible to make some suggestions that I think would possibly increase the chance of this passing?

  1. Your proposed CU is good fun, but not really critical, somewhat similar to Shop CU. Shop CU understood their position and proposed a model with extremely low cognitive overhead, I suggest you think about doing the same.
  2. Your present proposal includes 0 base pay, some references to non-stated goals, bonus pay determined by governance and a nice-to-have MKR vesting. Would you consider scrapping all this and moving to something simpler like: Strategic Happiness CU proposes a budget of XXX Dai per month, 50%(?) of which is pay for employees? Remaining budget is spent on shitposting, memes, airdrops, competitions, shipping and whatever else you feel like doing. Much easier for all involved.
  3. Also I think you should state if this is a full-time job or sidegig or hobby or whatever it is. Right now nobody knows how much effort goes into this.
  4. Are you US-based? Maybe think about onboarding some people in the future based in Europe or Asia for round-the-clock shitposting.
  5. Your position will be rather similar to that of a court jester. Court jesters always got food, but never any land. I would seriously consider scrapping the MKR vesting proposal for this CU.
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You make some great points.

I did submit this MIP for the laughs at first. I mean, how could I let @brianmcmichael down? :innocent:

"Burban when your “Shitpost Facilitator” MIP going live?

Though, it looks like my MIP was a little more divisive than I expected.
Some love it, some hate it.

As silly as it sounds, shitposting and spreading good vibes is actually quite important!
Gitcoin gets it: Gitcoin Shitposter Position

Maybe my goals and commitments are too nebulous… but what exactly do you expect from the court jester? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Joking aside, though, you’re right… I can make this MIP more than just a comedic submission. I’ll revise it for the next cycle to make it more viable. Some of your points are pretty constructive.

In the meantime, I’ll keep sending out those swag packs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
…assuming I ever get my reup from the swag shop… @Coulter

I did think that the court jester comment was a little harsh, though… or at least unintentionally intended to be.

Jesters are just simple fools, there for the King’s entertainment, right? Great to laugh at, keep well-fed, but by no means a respectable role!

I think that’s the common perception? No?

Well, it turns out, we underestimated jesters and the status they held! They were actually quite intelligent and commanded a good deal of respect. After all, they were the only ones who had free reign to make fun of the King!

Ripley’s: Court Fools & Jesters

Shakespeare wrote many “fools” into his plays, most of whom were treated respectfully… Distinctions must be made within the category of fools, however: clowns, who turn farce into a precise science (think “pie in the face); dunces, who turn their lack of intelligence into a medium for humor; and finally the princes of fooling, the court jesters, who turn fooling into a respectable profession.

The court jester, ridiculous as they may look and act, was a crucial and respected member of the court. In fact, they were sometimes given the role of advisor to their King or Queen, relaying information that others dare not.

…and yes, they were given land :innocent:

TodayIFoundOut: What was it actually like to be a court jester?

King Henry II awarded 30 acres of land to a jester by the name of Roland le Pettour upon his leaving the court, with one stipulation as a part of the deal - that Pettour must once a year return to the court and “leap, whistle and fart.”

In the coming weeks, let’s find some time to link up?
Help me flesh out some revisions? :slight_smile:


@aburban90 I did not intend the term court jester to be interpreted as a harsh comment, not at all. My apologies. Court jesters were the only ones permitted to say whatever they wanted to the King and so were quite valuable. Your Happiness CU could fulfill much of the same purpose, dampening the oh-so-serious discussions at times. A laugh makes everyone more relaxed. I see the value in this.


Had some time to kill on this flight to Miami, but the wifi was too weak to join the G&R call!

Sooo… ended up digging around through the history of jesters instead! lol

When things settle down, let’s make this into a more legit thing!



Note: Updated August 11, 2021 (40)


If this is another way to use my DAI for Maker merchandise I will make every effort to have it here in Venezuela!

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It would be cool to explain the relation to other CUs (SwagShop?) in the MIP proposal.

I am definitely looking forward to this CU!


Note: Updated August 31, 2021 (40)


Note: Updated September 29, 2021

As part of our broader effort to bring more transparency to the CU budget structure, we have documented the wallet setup of this CU and others;

Read more about it here: Introducing the CU Budget Transparency Map

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