MIP40c3-SP21: Modify Core Unit Budget - MKT-001

MIP40c3-SP21: Modify Core Unit Budget, MKT-001


MIP41c4-SP#: 21
Author(s): Seth Goldfarb
Contributors: Jerry Goldfarb, Tom DeMichele
Status: RFC
Date Applied: 2021-05-29
Date Ratified:

Sentence Summary

This proposal extends the budget for the Content Production Core Unit for three months.

Paragraph Summary

The Content Production Core Unit’s initial budget provides three months of runway (May, June, July) to establish operations in accordance with our mandate.

This proposal is for a total of 201,200 Dai to fund the team for August, September, and October.

Unless the team significantly expands the scope of its activities, this quarter’s budget should be ~50,000 DAI higher than a typical quarter due to the inclusion of a Continuity Fund to pay contributors in the event a budget is delayed or some other emergency occurs.

Quarterly Focus

Our initial budget provides a three-month runway to get the Core Unit up and running. We’ve shared our strategy and OKRs and once we’ve onboarded all of our team members, the focus of our activities will include:

  • Updating the Community Portal

The Community Portal is our hub for educating people about MakerDAO and facilitate the publication of community-generated content. We’re currently implementing a plan to transfer the domain from the Foundation to the community while preserving SEO and will update the content to make it more accessible.

  • Creating funnels for lead generation

Distributing content gives us opportunities to catch people’s attention in different ways but that doesn’t do us any good if those people don’t know how to follow up on those opportunities. We’ll be working to ensure the content on our web properties and social channels includes calls to action (CTAs) in our content wherever appropriate and is organized to prevent stakeholders from hitting unnecessary roadblocks.

  • Engaging the community

Once our web properties and social channels are primed for traffic, we’ll be in a better position to focus on the best ways to drive traffic. We’re encouraged by the enthusiasm toward a mascot and are proposing a Community Management Fund that will allow us to advertise specific initiatives, fund contests and community-generated content, and take advantage of other opportunities to engage superusers, build customer loyalty, and get people excited about MakerDAO.

Quarterly Budget (August/September/October)


There is no change in compensation for any contributors compared with our previous budget, however, we’ve added a part-time role for design. We’re waiting to see how the community proceeds with the MKR Compensation Plans before making any proposal regarding compensation in MKR.

Role Name
Facilitator @seth
Audio Engineer/Podcast Producer @JerryAG
Video Director TBD
Social Media/Community Manager TBD
Editor TBD
Designer aethermilk
Writer/SEO Specialist Tom DeMichele


Community Portal Tech Support - 10,000 Dai - To maintain and upgrade the CMS of the Community Portal.

Community Management Fund - 5000 Dai - For promoting AMAs on Reddit and taking advantage of opportunities to host contests, pay community members to write articles, etc. once we have the contributors to coordinate these activities.


Based on our current projections for startup expenses and hiring, we’re aiming to retain at least 10,000 Dai from the Contingency section of our previous budget and plan to use those funds to cover any unforeseen expenses that may arise.

Gas & Other

We’re asking for a month’s worth of salaries (46,500 DAI) to be paid in the August budget distribution to provide a Continuity Fund in the event budget distributions are delayed and we need to pay contributors. This will go into a governance-approved multi-sig.


Item Amount Percentage
Salaries 139,500 DAI 85.96%
Community Portal Tech Support 10,000 DAI 3.372%
Community Management Fund 5,000 DAI 3.372%
Total 15,000 DAI 3.372%
Total 0 DAI 0%
Gas & Other
Gas 200 DAI
Continuity 46,500 DAI
Total 46,700 DAI 10.37%
Total 201,200 DAI 100%

Budget Implementation

Simple Budget Implementation

We will set up a Content Production multi-sig wallet in accordance with MIP 47 - details will be shared here once the wallet is set up.

201,200 Dai covers 3 months; we’re requesting:
98,067 Dai in August
51,567 Dai in September
51,567 Dai in October
Address: 0xDCAF2C84e1154c8DdD3203880e5db965bfF09B60


Moving to Formal Submission

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