# MIP40c3-SP33: Modify Core Unit Budget, MKT-001

MIP40c3-SP33: Modify Core Unit Budget - Content Production (MKT-001)


MIP40c3-SP#: 33
Author(s): @seth
Contributors: @JerryAG @Kat @Alec @JMarshall
Status: RFC
Date Applied: 2021-09-03
Date Ratified:

Sentence Summary

MIP40c3-SP33 adds the budget for Core Unit MKT-001: Content Production for November 2021 through April 2022.

Paragraph Summary

MIP40c3-SP33 adds the budget for Core Unit MKT-001: Content Production for November 2021 through April 2022. We are requesting a 6-month budget allocation of 433,000 DAI or 72,167 DAI per month.


We’re proposing this Core Unit Budget modification to provide funds for the Content Production team to continue fulfilling its mandate. We’re proposing to move from a 3-month budget cycle to a 6-month budget cycle, as the tight turnaround on a 3-month cycle makes it difficult to assess needs and provide transparency, and we feel we’ve started proving ourselves as a Core Unit.

Core Unit Name

Content Production (MKT-001)

November - January Focus

Looking back at the Quarterly Focus from our last budget proposal, we’ve conducted content audits of the Portal and makerdao.com to plan what content should live where. We’ll begin implementing those plans to sync the content across those properties as well as the Community and makerdao.com blogs when we gain access to these channels.

We’ve focused on publishing content on Reddit, Twitter, and Youtube until we can get access to the accounts currently with the Dai Foundation and anticipate that happening once an Asset Allocation MIP is passed.

Explainer Videos

The team put together a plan to produce animated explainer videos to help new community members get up-to-speed on the inner workings of MakerDAO and drive SEO on Youtube.

These will consist of 2-5 minute animated videos organized to help people understand governance, liquidation, collateral onboarding, and system parameters.

Animations for a 3-5 minute explainer can take two weeks per video but certain elements can also be recycled for different videos and we’re proposing to bring on an Assistant Video Producer so we can speed the production of explainer videos and continue producing other video content when needed.


To help address concerns in the community about MakerDAO’s marketing program, we’re proposing to conduct a pilot to resurrect MakerDAO’s Ambassador Program and bring on two new full-time roles to coordinate Press Relations and Marketing Strategy.

At the suggestion of the @Growth-Core-Unit, @kat will be coordinating a pilot to resurrect MakerDAO’s Ambassador Program. The pilot will focus on Latin America and involve building regional teams to host meetups, manage localized social media accounts, moderate communications channels, and generally help MakerDAO gain recognition in different parts of the world.

The Content team has been approached about doing Press Relations and hasn’t felt like we’ve had the bandwidth to manage it effectively, but we believe it would be a valuable tool in communicating what’s happening at MakerDAO with the wider crypto ecosystem.

Last but not least, several teams (notably GovAlpha and Protocol Engineering) have expressed the desire for a marketing team that they can go to in order to help promote new products/services/initiatives.

For now, we’re proposing to bring on a marketing strategist to field these requests and either help the Content team expand to accommodate the DAO’s needs with regard to marketing, or form a Core Unit focused on general marketing.


The brand research we’ve been working on (see the Announcement and Initial Results and schedule an interview here) will be an ongoing study to help inform our messaging and help the DAO understand how people think about MakerDAO. We plan to incorporate this into market research to gain more insights into the reasons people use Vaults and Dai.

February - April Focus

Depending on how things go with the Ambassador Program pilot and our Marketing Strategist, we’ll be looking to expand the Ambassador Program beyond Latin America into advantageous regions where communications can be difficult due to: A) language barrier and B) differences in primary social channels.

In addition to explainer videos, the team has talked about coordinating professional video recording for larger sponsored events once there’s more certainty around travel. We’ve also discussed collaborating with Ambassadors on closed captioning or doing voice-overs in foreign languages to expand the reach of explainer videos.

This budget also includes funds for two travel opportunities so the team can represent MakerDAO at conferences and meet fellow team members.

Budget (November - April)

People (Current)

Role Name
Facilitator @seth
Audio Engineer/Podcast Producer @JerryAG
Video Director @jmarshall
Design/Community Manager @kat
Writer @alec

People (Proposed)

Role Name
Marketing Strategist TBD
Press Relations TBD
Video Production Assistant TBD
Podcast Host TBD
Writer TBD


Ambassador Pilot Program - 15,000 (2500 x 6 months)


Admin/Software - 1800
Gas - 400
Travel - 20,000


Item Amount Percentage
Salaries 400,800 DAI 92.56%
Ambassador Pilot Program 10,000 DAI 2.30%
Subtotal 10,000 DAI 2.30%
Admin/Software 1,800 DAI
Gas 400 DAI
Travel 20,000 DAI
Subtotal 22,200 DAI 5.12%
Total 433,000 DAI 100%

Budget Implementation

Simple Budget Implementation

We’ve set up a Content Production multi-sig wallet in accordance with MIP 47 - details are here.

433,000 Dai covers 6 months; we’re requesting 72,167 Dai per month, covering November through April.

Address: 0xDCAF2C84e1154c8DdD3203880e5db965bfF09B60