MIP40c3-SP5: Core Unit Budget - MKT-001

MIP40c2-SP5: Core Unit Budget - MKT-001


Author(s): Seth Goldfarb
Contributors: Jerry Goldfarb, Tom DeMichele
Status: RFC
Date Applied: 2021-03-03
Date Ratified:



To fulfill the mandate of the Content Production Core Unit.

Core Unit

Content Production (MKR-001)

Quarterly Focus

In line with the other Core Unit proposals, we’re starting with a 3-month budget that gives us time to set up operations and the flexibility to grow once we’re established.

Team Membership

The Content Production team will include:

@seth - Full-Time - Content Production Core Unit Facilitator

@JerryAG - Full-Time - Audio Engineer / Podcast Producer

Tom DeMichele - Part-Time - SEO and Writer

Once we’ve established operations and content strategy in month 2, we plan to hire:

1x Full-time Video Producer

2x Full-time Writers

Quarterly Budget

We aim to provide salaries competitive with regard to market rates and the compensation proposed in other Core Unit budgets.


Item Amount Percentage
Salaries 109,700 DAI 85.96%
Total 3224 DAI 3.372%
Other Costs
Gas 200 DAI
Contingency 20,000 DAI
Total 20,200 DAI 10.37%
Total 133,124 DAI 100%

Budget Implementation

Simple Budget Implementation

133.124 Dai covers 3 months; we’re requesting 1/3 (44,375) per month.

Address: 0xDCAF2C84e1154c8DdD3203880e5db965bfF09B60


Hey @seth - short and sweet is good too!

Can you clarify one thing:

Given the budget is for 3 months, is the current budget inclusive of these new hires?

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edit: I made a mistake in saying our budget considered salaries for the Video Lead and Writers for two months - the budget we’ve proposed only covers them for the final month but I do think it’s better to start that process sooner rather than later so after recalculating, we’ve increased our proposed budget for salaries to 109,700.

Thanks @amyjung for raising the concern about our numbers appearing low.

We’ve also increased our budget for contingencies to 20,000 to be more prepared for potential legal fees if we end up needing to lean more heavily on our own council rather than the Legal Core Unit.

That brings the total budget for the three months to 133124.

Can you please provide a budget implementation as detailed here?

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No problem - added it here and submitted a PR on Github. Do I need to be more detailed or is it ok to just specify simple/manual/advanced?

Well, at some point we need an address to which to send the budget. Also it would be good to specify how much you are expecting when.

Is 133,124 DAI per month? For the quarter? Do you expect it distributed monthly or all up front? Etc.


Got it - Updated here and on Github.

Hi @seth It looks like you may have already sorted this out. But if there is any need for help here I could provide assistance with any video production works through our film production company. Even if you just need advice getting things off the ground would be happy to do so. Loving what MakerDao is doing broadly. Cheers. T.

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