MIP41c4-SP10: Facilitator Onboarding, Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling Core Unit

MIP41c4-SP10: Facilitator Onboarding, Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling Core Unit


MIP41c4-SP#: 10
Author(s): @juanjuan
Status: Accepted
Date Applied: 2021-04-07
Date Ratified: <yyyy-mm-dd>

Sentence Summary

MIP41c4-SP10 adds @juanjuan as the Facilitator for Core Unit SES-001: Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling


Core Unit ID



I put myself forward as the candidate facilitator for the Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling Core Unit because I believe that its mission strikes at the heart of what is needed for the continued success of the Maker Protocol.

I believe I am a suitable candidate for this role due to my current involvement in MakerDAO, as well as my extensive prior experience in Finance, IT, and Management.

Involvement in MakerDAO

Prior Experience

  • 8+ years in Fintech (3+ in FX; 2+ in Assets Management)
  • Studied Finance, IT, and Entrepreneurship.
  • Product + Project Management 5+ years
  • Operations + Financial Transformation Manager

Facilitator Commitment

  • As a facilitator I’m committing to fulfill the mandate, engage in discussions regarding Governance, and collaborate with other Facilitators and units to contribute to the success of MakerDAO.
  • The team structure is relatively flat. @wouter will act as a Team Lead while the different projects on the roadmap will each have their own lead.
  • Permanent Team members may act as project leads, participate in them and/or work to support the Incubation Program teams.
  • Incubation Team members will operate as much as possible in the same role that they will fullfill in their future Core Unit. Through coaching and guidance, we will work with them to further improve their understanding of each team member’s role and responsibilities.
  • Roles and responsibilities will be documented and shared as part of our Core Unit documentation.
  • Best practices that we identify will be shared within the Core Unit, as well as the wider Community whenever relevant.

Contact Information

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I am really glad to see this kind of “seed” Core Unit come along. This speaks to one my attempts at contributing to the discussion back at the start of the year. We have an immense need in this space not to lose the vibrant ecosystem the Grants nourished. I think there is lots to learn from other fintech incubators all over the world, but particularly to be open to global initiatives as DAI has no frontiers. It requires a quasi asset management approach with a fully international outlook imho. My two cents recommendation: look at the evolution of the Linux Foundation & Rothschild for tech and financial inspiration respectively.


The SES team would like to formally submit this subproposal.

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